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ABOUT OUR FLOTILLA   2017 National Approval Seal of Approval

Phil Amanna FCFlotilla 20-02 in Morehead City, North Carolina supports boaters operating around the northern end of Bogue Banks and operations at Coast Guard Station - Fort Macon, NC.

Our Flotilla next monthly meeting will be Thursday, April 5, commencing at 1830 hours or 6:30 pm with networking following the meeting. 

We promote safety on our waterways. This less than 2 minute video could save your life, the life of others and at the very least, property damage.  Our Member Training Staff Officer, Bill Mauney expresses his feelings - "Driving while distracted, we’ve all seen it.  It happens not just with vehicle drivers but with vessel skippers as well.   Some good lessons here.  The skipper was preoccupied with his cell phone according to a passenger.  The victims learned the importance of wearing a life jacket.  Lawsuits are costly."  CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO.

Dave Tolley, our Publications Staff Officer points out, "Incredible teaching video (above) to empathize how important it is to be in command of your boat always. Item number 8 on our Vessel check list might have helped divert the collision." Please check our Calendar for upcoming FREE Vessel Safety checks coming to a marina near you!

                       WHAT DOES OUR FLOTILLA DO?

•  Conducts safety patrols on our local waterways in conjunction with our neighboring Flotillas.
•  Provides support to the Coast Guard at Fort Macon facilities.
•  Performs free vessel safety checks.
•  Teaches public boating safety classes.              
•  Assists the USCG with homeland security duties.
•  Conducts safety patrols that provide assistance to boaters in distress.
•  Performs search and rescue missions.
•  Provides perimeter security for regattas and other marine events.
•  Supports transport missions (personnel and supplies) during natural disasters.
•  Verification of Aids to Navigation and ATON checks after severe storms.
•  Pollution and environmental patrols to check waterways, ramps and related problems.


70 stray cargo containers pose threat to mariners off North Carolina 

  Suddently in Control Class at The Boathouse 7/2/17

Suddenly In Command class at The Boathouse in Beautort with Captain Jeff Perkins, FSO-PV (r) and Bill Mauney, FSO-MT.  (photo by Bill Mauney)

Auxiliarist Helen Andrews holding a handheld VHF at Cherry Point Marine BaseThe Coast Guard considers the Auxiliary its primary resource for recreational boating safety outreach and prevention (see the message "From the Commandant"), and each Coast Guard district around the nation has established a senior officer and staff to provide tight liaison and coordination between the active-duty Coast Guard and the various Auxiliary units in that district.

Membership in the Auxiliary is open to persons 17 years of age and older. We hope you'll come to one of our meetings or call us. To contact us and find our flotilla meeting times and location go to Meeting Schedule in the left menu.


FC's Amanna and RisterPhotos
very top: Phil Amanna, Flotilla Commander photo by Dave Tolley, FSO-PB
top 2:
  L Auxiliary Vessels on patrol; R We always wear our PFD's
middle: Auxiliarist Helen Andrews holding a VHF radio at Cherry Point Marine Station. She was demonstrating safety gear to a room full of Marines.--Photo by Dave Tolley
bottom:  Immediate Past Flotilla Commander Rister (L) with Flotilla Commander Amanna
--Photo by Dave Tolley