Vessel Safety Checks


Be Safe on the Water.  Call us for a Free Vessel Safety Check today. See About Flotilla 20-1 on left for contact information.

Our goal is accident prevention; we want to assist you in making sure that your boat is as safe as it can be. We also offer suggestions about other items which are not required but may add to your safety and overall boating enjoyment.

We'll arrange to inspect your boat at your dock, home or other location at no charge to you.

 Examples of some of the items checked include:
 • Life Jackets
 • Registration and Numbering
 • Navigation lights
 • Ventilation
 • Fire extinguishers
 • Distress signals (flares, horns, etc.)  
 • Battery covers and connections

If your boat passes the vessel safety check, you will receive a sticker to put on your boat which informs the Coast Guard, Harbor Patrol, sheriff, and police that your boat is in full compliance with all Federal and state boating laws. Taking advantage of this free service annually lets you make sure your boat is safe.

For more information on Vessel Safety Checks and/or to schedule a check of your boat, please call us today.

Here are some useful boating safety links:

Recreational Boat Safety Form which we use

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OUPV (Charter Boat) Safety Check

Perform a Virtual Vessel Safety Check Online

Click here to schedule a Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Check

Most common reasons for failure to pass in our area


Steve Sayko, Pete Bokkean, and Ray Moulton display their Century Club certificates awarded for conducting at least 100 vessel safety checks and/or program visits during 2016. Presented by Tom Labuda, FC, during the flotilla's January meeting.