Flotilla 8-7 What's New!

Flotilla 87 Picnic

Flotilla 87 is having a picnic on June 30, 2018, at 1730 at the Overton Fork’s Subdivision. The flotilla will provide soft drinks. Please RSVP to Jane Haley ( and let her know what side dish you will be bringing. The 8 oz. steaks will cost $5.00. We will need all RSVPs by June 25. We hope you can make it!
Fri, 04 May 18  
Thu, 26 Apr 18  

Vietnam War Veteran Recognition

Thu, 22 Feb 18  

All members who served in Vietnam are invited to attend and be recognized from all of our Flotilla’s in D-8. Please contact Jeff Demers at for information and/or to sign up to come.


New Boat Crew Handbooks

Mon, 22 Jan 18  
Hot off the presses the new CG boat crew handbooks are now available. There are 5 manuals:

  • Boat Operations
  • Rescue and Survival Procedures
  • Navigation and Piloting
  • Seamanship Fundamentals
  • First Aid
They can be referenced under the OPS page of this website.
These are the new Active Duty manuals that replace the CG Boat Crew Training manual. The Auxiliary Boat Crew training manual is still in effect . Where that manual referenced anything in the CG Boat Crew Manual is must now reference these New Crew handbooks. Until the Auxiliary manual is updated use the cross reference mapping document, also found on the link above, to locate the specifics for that reference notation in the new manuals.