Flotilla 8-7 What's New!

Uniform Purchases

Tue, 06 Mar 18  
Uniform items can now be purchased through the Coast Guard Exchange.  See https:

Vietnam War Veteran Recognition

Thu, 22 Feb 18  

All members who served in Vietnam are invited to attend and be recognized from all of our Flotilla’s in D-8. Please contact Jeff Demers at for information and/or to sign up to come.


Wed, 31 Jan 18  

1. ALAUX 013/17 issued on September 22, 2017 announced the application of the Basic Qualification II (BQII) Course towards elected office eligibility and the Operational Auxiliarist (AUXOP) program. The BQII course provides comprehensive familiarization with many aspects of Auxiliary service including missions, programs, organizational structure, uniforms, customs, courtesies, and their associated governing policies. Successful completion of the BQII course by the date of nomination meets the same elected office eligibility requirement as that met by successful completion of the Administrative Procedures Course (APC) or the Flotilla Leadership Course (FLC) for election to Flotilla Vice Commander, Flotilla Commander, and subsequent higher elected offices. It also earns one leadership credit toward the AUXOP qualification.

2. Effective February 1, 2018, all newly enrolled members of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary are required to complete the BQII course in order to move forward from Approval Pending (AP) status to any other Auxiliary membership status. It becomes a new element in the Auxiliary Mandated Training (AUXMT) program for newly enrolled Auxiliarists. Currently enrolled Auxiliarists, including those in AP status prior to February 1, 2018, are not required to take the BQII course, although it is highly recommended. 

3. The BQII course can be found on the Auxiliary training web site ( by clicking on the link for "Basic Qual II Course" in the menu on the left side of the page. 

4. The purpose of this list is to keep Auxiliarists as well as all other interested parties abreast of current developments, policies, manuals, etc. All information contained herein and linked is OFFICIAL policy and Information. 

5. Internet Release and Distribution is Authorized


Surface OPS Workshop 2018

Tue, 30 Jan 18  
Flotilla 87 will conduct the OPS Workshop and TCT Refresher training at the 16 April Flotilla meeting.   Info on captioned workshop here.

New Boat Crew Handbooks

Mon, 22 Jan 18  
Hot off the presses the new CG boat crew handbooks are now available. There are 5 manuals:

  • Boat Operations
  • Rescue and Survival Procedures
  • Navigation and Piloting
  • Seamanship Fundamentals
  • First Aid
They can be referenced under the OPS page of this website.
These are the new Active Duty manuals that replace the CG Boat Crew Training manual. The Auxiliary Boat Crew training manual is still in effect . Where that manual referenced anything in the CG Boat Crew Manual is must now reference these New Crew handbooks. Until the Auxiliary manual is updated use the cross reference mapping document, also found on the link above, to locate the specifics for that reference notation in the new manuals.