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01.  Float Plan Information and Form 

02.  USCG Mobile App for Boaters

03.  Modern Marine Navigation 

04.  Basic Boat Handling - Enhanced eBook 

05.  Animated Knots 

06. Boating Regulations for PA and other States 

07. Charts and Chart Information 

08. Radio and Navigation Information from the USCG 

09. Winds, Tides & Weather 

10. USCG Approved Inflatable Type IV (Throwable) Flotation Device

11. BoatUS Monofilament Recycling Bin Information 


Float Plan Information and Form 

A Float Plan can mean the difference between coming back safely and not coming back at all!

Click this link to learn more about filing a Float Plan and accessing a generic form that can be filled out electronically and forwarded by email.

Float Plan


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United States Coast Guard Mobile Device Application 

Apps are available for both IOS and Android.
Click this link to learn more about the Coast Guard's Mobile App for Boaters.
Lots of information to help you stay safe on the water!

Best of all - it's FREE!

USCG Boating App for Android 


USCG Boating App for iOS 


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Modern Marine Navigation On-Line Course 

Ever wonder what all those buoys and markers mean?
o you want to be able to chart a course to a destination you've never been to before?
How about determining your location when your electronic navigation systems fail in an emergency?

Here's the answer:
An online Navigation Course approved by the United States Coast Guard

and hosted by the Boat US Foundation, "Modern Marine Navigation"! 

And, because you're here, you can receive a 10% discount on this course.  Simply use the Promo Code listed below. This discount is offered by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Promo Code: 0531901

The Regular Price is $40.00.
Your cost is only $36.00 if you use the Promo Code.

Click on this link for more information:

Modern Marine Navigation 

Please NOTE:

This site will open in a new window and "should" take you directly to the Nav Course. There are other classes offered on this site, and you are more than welcome to peruse them, just understand that they are not necessarily Coast Guard approved and your discount doesn't apply.

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Basic Boat Handling - Enhanced eBook

Are you new to Boating?

Want to learn some tips and techniques for safe Boat handling?

Here's a U. S. Coast Guard recommended Enhanced eBook:


Basic Boat Handling 

This eBook is intended to complement a Boating Safety Class,
not replace it. This eBook will not generate a Certificate.

An enhanced eBook contains Video and Audio components
which "enhance" the learning experience. 

This enhanced eBook is support across numerous platforms
including PCs, MAC, Android and IOS devices. 


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Animated Knots

Need to tie something down, or maybe secure your boat properly for a storm?

This site will show you how to tie a large variety of knots, hitches & more covering many different applications including boating. and it does it with animation so you can actually see how the knots are formed.

Animated Knots by Grog 


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Boating Regulations for PA and Other Nearby States

Click on the following links for more information for each State:





New York

New Jersey

NOTE: A Boating Safety Class taught by the USCG Auxiliary

is valid in ALL 50 States. 

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Charts and Chart Information

The following links provide access to free charts and chart information
provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

The NOAA  BookletChart™ is especially interesting.

Weekly Light List 


The NOAA BookletChart™


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 VHF-FM Marine Radio Channels & Other Navigation Information


Click the following link for detailed Radio and Navigation Information
Provide by the U. S. Coast Guard

 USCG Navigation Center

 For your convenience, here are some of the Commonly Used Recreational Channels:

  16   - International Distress, Safety and Calling.
  09   - Boater Calling. Commercial and Non-Commercial.
  06   - Intership Safety
  13   - Working Channel for "most" Locks and Drawbridges.
             Also Intership Navigation Safety (Bridge to Bridge)
  21A - Coast Guard Liaison
  22A - Coast Guard Liaison
  68   - Non-Commercial (Working Channels for Recreational Boats)
  69   - Non-Commercial (Working Channels for Recreational Boats)
  71   - Non-Commercial (Working Channels for Recreational Boats)
  72   - Non-Commercial (Working Channels for Recreational Boats)
  78A - Non-Commercial (Working Channels for Recreational Boats)

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Winds, Tides & Weather Links

The following Links are provided for your convenience.
Neither the U.S. Coast Guard, nor the Auxiliary, are responsible for their contents.
All Links should open in a new Window.


source for tide, moon, and sun predictions for the Gulf Coast, US East Coast and US West Coast.


A source for wind, waves and weather for Kitesurfers, Windsurfers, Surfers and Sailors.



National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration / National Weather Service


Weather forecast, local to international. World class weather radar plus your up to the minute weather report and current conditions.


Detailed weather and forecast information around the globe. Features include surface maps, charts, satellite imagery, and recreational outlooks.

Weather Underground

Live Weather Radar, Forecast & Maps

In addition to these resources, also consider local News/Weather Channels which may also have Weather Cameras available to view. 

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USCG Approved Type IV (Throwable) Inflation Device


Looking for a smaller Type IV Throwable Flotation Device?
Consider the ThrowRaft TD2401.
It is USCG Approved as a Type IV Throwable.



Please NOTE:
This is not an endorsement of this product. This Link is provided solely 
for your information. It is incumbent upon you to determine if this device meets
your personal needs/requirements. 


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BoatUS Monofilament Recycling Bin




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Boating Skills and Seamanship Class 



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