Boating Display in Evesham Municipal Building Lobby

Welcome to the Evesham Township, Boating Safety Season, 2017 website!
Thanks for docking with the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary,
Marlton, NJ, Flotilla, 1808.

Here are the answers to the questions in our display case, located in the main lobby of the Evesham, NJ, Municipal Building.

1. Can you rely on your cell phone, rather than a VHF Marine Radio, while boating?

Answer:  Absolutely not!  Read more here:

2. In an emergency, can you rely on these life jackets?

Answer: No!  Life jackets that are not immediately accessible will do you no good in an emergency.  You will NOT have time to locate the bag, open it and distribute them.  In a boating emergency, things happen FAST!

3. Which knot is this? 

Answer: This is a bowline, one of the most useful knots in boating.  When Coast Guard Auxiliarists take the on-water exam to become qualified Auxiliary Crew, the first thing we are asked to do is to tie a bowline.  If the Auxiliarist cannot perform this task, the exam is discontinued.

4. Name this line.  What is it attached to? 

Answer: This is a docking line and it is attached to a cleat.  Remember, "there is no such thing as a rope on a boat!"  Every line has its own description, such as mooring line, docking line, spring line, etc.

5. What type of fire extinguisher should you have on board? 

Answer: The Coast Guard requires that boats under 26 feet have at least one type B-1 extinguisher.  These are designed to extinguish flammable liquids.  Send us an email and receive a free booklet packed with information on Federal requirements for recreational boats.

Evesham residents!  Before you launch your summer fun, let us give you a free, no-obligation Vessel Safety Check!  Schedule yours with a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, Marlton Flotilla.