Flotilla 22-7 Uniform Information

Uniforms to Purchase

Posted by: John Sasso

Here is a link to all information about USCG AUX uniforms, insignia, and ribbons:

It is imperative that all members of the Band wear the same proper uniform and follow the grooming standards as we are in the public eye.  Improper attention to uniforms and grooming reflects poorly on you, the band, the Auxiliary and the Coast Guard. Lack of attention will not be tolerated. Members are to become familiar with the uniform and grooming standards.  

Auxiliarists who wear the Auxiliary uniform shall ensure that it fits properly and presents a military appearance. The uniform should be tailored if an Auxiliarist loses or gains weight.

The first basic uniform a band member needs to buy is called the Tropical Blue Uniform. It is worn with the combination hat. The uniform consists of Coast Guard blue (approved) trousers, light blue short sleeve shirt with shoulder epaulets (approved), black web belt with silver buckle (or aux logo buckle), name tag (blue writing on white background), shoulder boards, shined black shoes and black socks. If you earn any ribbons they are worn above the left pocket.  Women can wear the skirt in lieu of trousers. See photo in the link above. Estimated cost ~$150.

The second item members should purchase is the windbreaker jacket for outdoor performances and as an approved overgarment to the tropical blue uniform when commuting to/from events in uniform. It is available from the CG Uniform Distribution Center in Cape May, NJ.

The next items members are encouraged to purchase are the Service Dress Blue (a.k.a Bravo) Jacket and tropical blue LONG sleeve shirt. When the jacket is worn over the tropical blue shirt, with the tie, blue trousers, combination hat, etc. this constitutes the Service Dess Blue Uniform. The name tag and ribbons are moved from the shirt to the jacket.  This Uniform is for more formal meetings, wakes, funerals, special performances ceremonies etc. The brass ensemble, big band and trios have performed in this uniform, including the FOX & Friends morning show for Coast Guard Appreciation Day. If you have hopes of participating in such events you will need to purchase this jacket (~$125) and long tie (~$5). The jacket (coat) is purchased from the CG Uniform Distribution Center. You will need to replace the gold buttons with silver buttons and have auxilairy shields sewn on the sleeves. If you are a flotilla staff officer (FSO) or higher stripes are added first, then the shield (see below for more details on locating the stripes and shield on the sleeves of the SDB jacket and the Auxilairy Manual for more tailoring guidance.

The next item band members should consider purchasing is the Winter Dress Blue Uniform which consists of a solid navy blue long sleeve shirt, collar devices and long tie (same tie as in the Service Dress Blue).  Worn with your blue trousers, web belt, silver belt buckle, name tag, ribbons shined black shoes, black socks and combination hat together these items make up the Winter Dress Blue Uniform. See photo in link above. This uniform is winter alterative to the tropical blue uniform. It is only authorized to be worn from Nov 1 thru March 31.

The next item band members are encouraged to purchase is the Trench Coat. This is available from the CG UDC. It is one of the approved overgarments to the Service Dress Blue Uniform.

Other garments that a member may choose to purchase include  (a) wooley pooley which is a navy blue pullover sweater. It is worn with shoulder boards. It can be worn to meetings, but we do not use it for performances; (b) garrison hat which can be worn in lieu of the combination hat during commuting to/from destinations and (c) ODUs (Operation Dress Uniform)  which is the working uniform for conducting missions such as crew training, vessel inspections, and marine visits etc.  Note the band has no intention of performing in the informal wooley pooley or ODU but members may wear them to meetings and training sessions. Refer to the Auxiliary Manual for specfic details about the ODU.

Frequently asked questions: All your questions can be answered by searching the Auxiliary Manual website under "aux members" and "aux manuals", or the attached presentation, but here a few common questions: 

1-Can I wear a T shirt under my uniform?  Only a V neck undershirt should be worn. No undergarment (undershirt) should ever be visible with the open collar tropical blue shirt. Therefore the T shirt is no authorized, only a "V" neck is authorized when wearing the tropical blue uniform.

2-Where does the name tag and ribbons go? The name tag gets attached centered over your right shirt pocket so that the bottom of the nametag is 1/4 inch above the top of the shirt pocket.  Likewise, any ribbons are attached centered 1/4 inch over the LEFT shirt pocket.

3-Where do the stripes and shield go on my Bravo Jacket sleeve?  Only officers (FSO´s and higher) wear stripes. If you are a only a member (i.e. not an officer), the bottom of the shield is to be 2 inches above the edge of the sleeve. If you are an FSO or higher, the first stripe is placed 2 inches above the edge of the sleeve, and the shield 1/4 inch above the last stripe. Additional stripes for higher office ranks are placed 1/4 inch above the previous stripe.


To prevent your name tag lean or ribbons from leaning forward on your shirt. Make them look better on you by taking a tuperware top and cut it out to size and use it as a backplate on the inside of your shirt behind the ribbons or name tags (pierce the plastic).


Uniform Purchase Locations

Posted by: John Sasso

1.  CG Uniform Distribution Center (Cape May, NJ) a.k.a. UDC: The UDC sells all Coast Guard uniforms, as well as many (not all) items of which are also worn by the CG Auxiliary.  (Note the Coast Guard is commonly referred to as the "Gold Side" and the Auxiliary as the "Silver Side" based on the color of the stripes, devices, chin straps worn by the respective organizations).  Common items include:  Trousers, skirts, trench coats, windbreakers, woolley pooley (sweaters), gloves, shoes, socks, parkas etc. Items specific to the Auxiliary that are available form the UDC  include (under Auxiliary items): web belt with silver buckle and silver jacket buttons. Shipping is free, but allow 10 business days for order processing. An Auxiliary ID number is required to order. Sign up and browse at the following website:

2.  Shop Auxiliary (St. Louis, MO): This sells items specific to the Auxiliary which include, men's combination hats (completely assembled), name tags, shoulder boards, ribbons and ribbon mounts, metals, enhance silver buckles, chin straps, silver buttons. There is a charge for shipping. All shipments are prompt via first class mail.  An auxiliary ID number is required to order. It is the same login and password as all Auxiliary websites (e.g. 7029, auxofficer).  For women's combination hats, consult John Sasso.

3.  Coast Guard Exchanges:  Some of the common items are also available at the Coast Guard Exchanges which are located at various Coast Guard "major" locations such as Sector NY (Staten Island-(underneath the VZ bridge), Sector Long Island Sound (New Haven, CT) the Coast Guard Academy and Locker (New London, CT).  The Sectors do not ship but the Academy store and Academy Locker will ship for a fee. To locate Exchanges, telephone numbers and times they are open, search on this link: The Coast Guard Academy Exchange has the broadest selection of uniform items under one roof.  They will ship for a reasonable, government discounted, fee (express, 2nd day etc.).  Their telephone number is 860-444-8488. They are usually open 9-5 M-F and 9-4 Sat.  Summer hours may prevail.

4.  Used Uniform Exchange:  Used items are also available at a discount. Search the Used Uniform Exchange: Check the website periodically for used uniform components at discounted prices. Shipping is extra:WEBSITE: NOTE:  All uniform purchases are tax free. Other items at the Exchanges are also tax free. These include beverages, other clothing (e.g. sweatshirts) household items, electronics, liquor, and accessories that a convenience store would offer. 

5.  John Sasso:  A limited inventory of used and new items are available from John Sasso. These include belts, buckles, ribbons, ribbon holders, shirts, shoulder boards, hat buttons, clutches etc.

6. John Traganos: John is the Division and District Materials officer and buys items in bulk so his prices are good. He does NOT sell clothing, he only sells ancillary items. ALook him up in AUXOfficer (AUXIT).



Uniform Maintenance

Posted by: John Sasso

Auxiliarists who wear the Auxiliary uniform shall ensure that it fits properly and presents a trim, military appearance. The uniform should be tailored if an Auxiliarist loses or gains weight.

Proper Auxiliary uniform wear parallels commonly accepted professional civilian dress standards. The word uniform implies consistency and conformance to certain standards.

Uniforms shall be pressed, clean, fit properly, and be in good repair. The nature of Auxiliary uniform policies occasionally warrant the authorized wear of specific items until they are no longer in serviceable condition. A uniform item shall be considered no longer serviceable when any aspect of it is irreparably damaged, soiled, stained, frayed, worn, discolored, faded, or altered. All Auxiliarists, particularly those in leadership positions, have the responsibility to render judgments and take appropriate action regarding adherence to the Coast Guard’s high standards of appearance relative to the serviceability of uniform items as worn by themselves and their fellow

All members (instrumentalists, banner carriers, honor guard) shall be in compliance with the uniform requirements of the USCG Auxiliary Manual (COMDTINST M16790.1G) Chapter 10 and in accordance with Uniform Regulations, COMDTINST M1020.6,  Refer to these mauals for further details. Teh latest versions can be found at this link: