Commanders Message

Dear 14-06 Member, 21 JAN 2018

Welcome to 2018! I am so proud and honored to have been selected by you, as your Flotilla Commander for the current year. Thank you for the opportunity to serve our great organization and the boating community in this capacity!
We have a lot to look forward to in this exciting year. We have a great staff, many of whom are returning to do what they love to do, and do best, inspire and lead! For the first time in the flotilla’s history, we have an AUXOP member, in Tony Civiletti as VFC, leading the charge.
We can be justiably proud of the fact that for the second Division 14 administration in a row, the Division Bridge will be led by a 14-06 member, namely George Lurye; and as a flotilla, we continue to be hosted at the largest small boat station in the United States Coast Guard, Station New York! We certainly enjoy a very proud heritage!
One of the most important things that I can stress to you, is that you as members are the primary stakeholders in 14-06. Through the democratic process, the members of the bridge listen to you, just as fervently, as the directions from above. Tony and I will take the flotilla where you want to go, provided that the destination is in accord with the Auxiliary Manual, and thus, our Standing Rules.
We started off the current year in outstanding fashion, with a voting quorum for our meeting on 8 JAN. Keep it going! You the members will determine the success of 14-06.
As of this writing, 50% of our members have completed the Mandatory Training. I am proud of this accomplishment, but we have a significant way to go in order to be compliant with the rules of this important consideration. The courses are relevant to our duties and to our lives in general, and they really are not that difficult to complete. This year, I recommend a full court press to achieve nearly universal compliance!
I also recommend that each member who has completed the Mandated Training pursue one new qualification this year, so that together, we can increase our overall contribution to our mission of Boating Safety! We need Instructors, Vessel Examiners, Boat Crew, future Leaders, and various other specialties. Remember, the Auxiliary was founded in 1939, as an organization grounded in action, in performance of duty. This is why most of us joined, and it is what we should keep foremost in mind.
Take pride in your membership, our uniform, our missions, and our place within what has been described as the “one of the greatest volunteer organizations in the United States” and the “world’s greatest volunteer maritime safety organization”. Yes, we are America’s Lifesavers, and we actually have fun being who we are, “Semper Paratus!”

Flotilla Commander, 14-06