Program Visitor

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Recreational Boating Safety Visitation Program (RBSVP) promotes safe boating for the recreational boating public through the aid of marine dealerships, local businesses, marinas, vessel repair agencies, libraries, waiting rooms of doctor's offices etc. This is done by distribution of safety/boating literature. The purpose is to provide boating safety information and educational opportunities to the boating public and to provide current "Federal Requirements and Safety Tips for Recreational Boats" and "Connecticut Boater's Guide" and local requirements. The Program Visitor maintains frequent contact and restocks brochures and literature in display racks.

RBSVP Objectives:

  • Establish or enhance working relations between partners - the business houses, marinas, yacht clubs, etc.
  • Use the Partners as the contact point for making the boating public aware of Federal and State boating safety requirements
  • Provide information regarding boating safety education programs and Vessel Safety Exams (VSEs)
  • Provide the Partner with resource person for boating safety issues

RBSVP Benefits:

  • Educating the boating public can help save lives and property
  • The Partner's facilities may be available for use as VSE station or public boating safety education programs etc.
  • Partners as well as their customers/consumers can become aware of the Waterway Watch (W/W) and Marine Domain Awareness (MDA) Programs and how they can participate