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New Member (BQ) Training

As of 01 MAR 2015, the National HR Directorate is "beta testing" a method for training new members with mentor involvement and Performance Qualification Standard (PQS) sign offs. This method of training is not mandatory yet, but can be used for training.

The information below and attached provide the details of the program:


The program is designed around 10 sessions of training conducted in approximately two hour per session with a mentor.

The members may begin or end their learning experience at their convenience.

Both the mentor and the student will be provided a set of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers designed to facilitate the learning experience.

The members may seek additional clarifications from the mentor using a variety of media including c-mail.

Periodic Multiple Choice Progress Checks are included in the training package.

A Final Multiple Choice Examination will be taken online with the member receiving immediate feedback.

Successful completion of the PQS will be recognized with a Certificate of Completion from the Training Directorate.