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USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 014-05-10

Tour of Station New York, Sunday, 11 June!!!

Flotilla 05-10 Shipmates,

Mr. John Gallagher of Flotilla 05-11 (Station Liaison Officer and past Division 5 Commander) has organized a Tour of Station New York, onSunday, 11 June, beginning11:00 AM. Family is welcome. Included will be a barbecue lunch prepared on station by our excellent AUXFS team. Children under age 18 are free; non-Auxiliarist adult guests may be asked to contribute based on turnout.

All adult guests MUST BRING ID (Auxiliary Member ID or Drivers License). Uniform of the Day is, as at every station, ODUs, preferably with Member (NOT FSO, SO, VFC, FC etc.) insignia. Auxiliarists in uniform must practice correct protocols and customs, i.e., WHEN SALUTED, RETURN THE SALUTE! Remember, you are part of the United States Coast Guard.

If interested, please sign-up soon (this fills up quickly), and BYSUNDAY, JUNE 4, AT THE LATEST. Please include your name, the number of people in your group, and e-mail address.

Send RSVP e-mails to: StephenSokol <HUDSONRIVERINE@YAHOO.COM>

When e-mailing their sign-up, members MUST CC: FC Peda <ALLAN.PEDA@GMAIL.COM> and VFC Lom <USCGAUX.ANDREW.LOM@GMAIL.COM> .

This annual Station visit promises to be a great day for all!


Stephen Sokol, FSO-SR


PPE Guidelines COMDT

PPE Waiver

Below is the Flotilla 05-10 Member Training schedule for the rest of 2014. The first seminar on Uniforms is this Wednesday! It's especially useful for new members.

The seminars & workshops will be held at the MIO at 1 South St. Please pass along. All Auxiliarists are welcome. Questions may be sent to Drew Wilkins

Uniform Seminar

Thursday 11 DEC 2014 1900 hours
USCG Auxiliary Classroom, USCG MIO Building, 2nd Floor

The proper wearing of a uniform is one of the Coast Guard's proud traditions. As an Auxiliarist, you are entitled to partake in that tradition and wear the USCG Auxiliary uniform proudly. But with several uniforms available, new Auxiliarists often have questions about when and how to wear the uniform. Flotilla 05-10 Auxiliarists Drew Wilkins and Chris O'Rourke are here to answer questions and de-mystify the topics of uniforms. During this two hour seminar, we will answer questions such as:

  • Do I need a uniform?
  • Which uniform(s) should I get?
  • Where do I get them?
  • How do I wear them?
  • When can I wear it?
  • What are insignias, devices, ribbons and medals?

And, for those interested in purchasing, bring your credit card and your computer and we'll help you purchase your uniform during the seminar. We will also raffle off some devices for free!

Marlinspike Seamanship Workshop

Thursday 04 DEC 2014 1900 hours
USCG Auxiliary Classroom, USCG MIO Building, 2nd Floor

This two-hour workshop Flotilla 05-10 will provide hands-on instruction of marlinspike seamanship: ropes, knots, and the proper securing and stowing of lines. This will cover all the marlinspike tasks for Boat Crew (BCM-03-01-AUX, BCM-03-02-AUX). It also serves as a great into to the more advanced marlinspike seamanship topics covered in AUXSEA course. The course will be taught by Auxiliarists Drew Wilkins and Chris O'Rourke at the MIO

Ribbons Seminar

Thursday 18 DEC 2014 approx. 2000 hours, following the flotilla meeting.
USCG Auxiliary Classroom, USCG MIO Building, 2nd Floor

As a follow-up to the Uniform Seminar, Flotilla 05-10 will hold a seminar on Ribbons & Awards. Through this seminar, attendees will learn what awards are available, what ribbons and medal they may qualify for, how to get them and how to wear them. The course will be taught by Auxiliarists Drew Wilkins and Chris O'Rourke at the MIO.