Member Development

Useful USCG Auxiliary related Links

General Overview

D1 South Qualification Guide.

Presentation on Proper Uniforms, given on January 21st 2017 by John Rivera.

The official Member Resources page.

Finding your Way in the Auxiliary (the first 6 months)

Member Involvement Plan (excellent resource, 6 pages)

New Member Handbook for the USCG Auxiliary, (PDF)


Auxiliary Manual - The "Bible" of sorts

Auxiliary Procedures Manual - The "How-To" for flotillas.

Auxiliary Web / PDF Forms Site

Webforms / 7029

USCG AUX Communities of Interest - A new Auxiliary social network.

Local Weather Links for D1 South


AUX Directory - Also known as AUX Officer, this is the nationwide telephone book of Auxiliary members. You can also search for members based on qualifications and other criteria.

CG Aux Help Desk and FAQ Site

Auxiliary History - Find out all about the heritage of the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Online Change of Member Information - Keep your information updated.


In most cases to have a complete Auxiliary uniform you will have to shop around at the Base Exchange (BX) as well as some websites. Here are some sites to help you. 

USCG Uniform Overview (Auxiliary) - This is a very good, straight-forward presentations on uniforms.

USCG Uniform Distribution Center (UDC) - Purchase belts, shirts, shoes, boots, ODUs, jackets, sweaters and a few more things.

Uniform Distribution Center Catalog - Better pictures with sizing measurements and other helpful information.

Auxiliary Uniform Division - This division falls under the national HR department. They provide updated information about uniforms.

CGAuxCen (Auxiliary Association) - For hard to find items to finish your uniform from name tags to buttons and office insignia to neckties.

Award/Ribbon Information and Award/Ribbon Checker


Training Directorate (T-Dept) - The national component of the Auxiliary responsible for creating, reviewing and promoting training for Auxiliary members.

CGAUX Qualifications - A site to learn about how to get ahead in your Auxiliary experience and gain valuable training in CG mission areas.

Auxiliary Operations (AUXOP) - "The AUXOP, or "Operational Auxiliarist" Program is an advanced training program available to members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary who wish to increase their practical relevance to Coast Guard missions, and better assist the Coast Guard to fulfill needed skill sets."

Coast Guard Training (C-Schools) - C-Schools are Coast Guard-funded, formal training events. They are short-term in nature and deal with specific subject matter.

Monthly Flotilla Meetings

Regularly scheduled Flotilla Meetings are at 7PM, on the third Thursday of the month.

The public is welcome to attend. It is recommended that you first get in touch with your local auxiliary contact to confirm meeting scheduling.

USCG MIO building
1 South Street
New York, NY 10004