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ADIZ: Air Defense Identification Zone
AIRSTA: Air Station
AOI: Area of Interest
AOO: Area of Operations
AOP: Area of Probability
AOR: Area of Responsibility
AOU: Area of Uncertainty
ATC: Air Traffic Control
ATON: Aids to Navigation
ATONIS: Aids to Navigation Information System
AUXACN: Auxiliary Advanced Coastal Navigation Specialty
AUXCOM: Auxiliary Communications Specialty
AUXMIS: Auxiliary management Information System
AUXNAV: Auxiliary Navigation Specialty
AUXOP: Operational Auxiliarist Qualification
AUXPAT: Auxiliary Patrols Specialty
AUXSAR: Auxiliary Search and Rescue Specialty
AUXSARDET: Auxiliary Search & Rescue Detachment
AUX SC&E: Auxiliary Search Coordination & Execution
AUXWEA: Auxiliary Weather Specialist
AWACS: Airborne Early Warning and Command System


BA: Bridge Administration
BAH: Basic Allowance for Housing
BAQ: Basic Allowance for Quarters
BARD: Boat Accident Reporting Data
BM: Boatswain's Mate
BMR: Boat Mission Report
BNTM: Broadcast Notice to Mariners
BWI: Boating While Intoxicated
BY: Budget Year
BZ: Bravo Zulu (well done)


CAA: Commander, Atlantic Area
CAP: Civil Air Patrol
CAPT: Captain (USCG O-6)
CBP: Customs and Border Patrol
CDR: Commander (USCG O-5)
CERCLA: Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act
CFR: Code of Federal Regulations
CFVSE: Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Exam
CG: Coast Guard (USCG)
CGA: Coast Guard Academy (USCGA)
CGAUX: Coast Guard Auxiliary (USCGAUX)
CGC: Coast Guard Cutter
CGHQ: Coast Guard Headquarters
CGI: Coast Guard Institute
CGMA: Coast Guard Mutual Assistance
CGYD: Coast Guard Yard
CIM: Commandant Instruction Manual
CINC: Commander-In-Chief
CIP: Container Inspection Program

CMC: Command Master Chief
CME: Courtesy marine Examination
CNO: Chief of Naval Operations
CO: Commanding Officer
COCO: Command and Control
COMDT: Commandant, US Coast Guard
COMDTINST: Commandant Instruction
COMMS: Communications
CONUS: Continental unites States
COPT: Captain of the Port
CPA: Commander, Pacific Area
CPA: Closest Point of Approach
CPO: Chief Petty Officer (USCG E-7)
CVS: Commercial Vessel Safety
CWA: Clean Water Act
CWO: Chief Warrant Officer (USCG CWO2 – CWO4)
CZ: Coastal Zone


DC: Damage Control/Direct Current
DHS: Department of Homeland Security
DIST: District Commander
DIW: Dead in the Water
DMB: Datum Marker Buoy
DO: Direct Operational Auxiliarst
DOD: Department of Defense
DOT: Department of Transportation
DR: Dead Reckoning
DRM: Direction of Relative Movement
DSO: Designated Senior Official


EAD: Extended Active Duty
EBA: Emergency Breathing Apparatus
EEZ: Exclusive Economic Zone
ELF: Extremely Low Frequency
EN: Ensign (USCG O-1)
EO: Engineering Officer/Executive Order
EOQ: End of Quarter
EOW: Engineer Officer of the Watch
EP: Estimated Position
EPA: US Environmental Protection Agency
EPAC: Eastern Pacific Ocean Area
EPIRB: Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon
EPOY: Enlisted Person of the Year
EPPP: Emergency Planning, Preparedness, and Prevention Guide
ESA: Endangered Species Act
ETD: Estimated Time of Departure
EWS: Early Warning System


FAA: Federal Aviation Administration
FAQ: Frequently Asked Question
FC: Flotilla Commander
FCS: Fire Control System
FCZ: Fisheries Conservation Zone
FINCEN: Finance Center
FLAR: Forward Looking Airborne Radar
FLETC: Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
FMLA: Family and Medical Leave Act
FNP: Federal navigation Plan
FO: Fuel oil
FOSC: Federal On-Scene Coordinator
FOUO: For Official Use Only
FSO: Flotilla Staff Officer
FVS: Fishing Vessel Safety
FWPCA: Federal Water Pollution Control Act
FWC: Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
FY: Fiscal Year


GAR: Green, Amber, Red Scale
GHA: Greenwich Hour Angle
GIS: Geopgraphic Information System
GMDSS: Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
GOMEX: Gulf of Mexico
GPS: Global Positioning System
GQ: General Quarters


HAZMAT: Hazardous Material
HDC: Harbor Defense Commander
HF: High Frequency
HIN: Hull Identification Number
HR: Human Relations


IADT: Initial Active Duty for Training (basic training)
IAP: Incident Action Plan
IC: Internal Combustion
ICS: Incident Command System
IFQ: Individual Fishing Quota
IFR: Instrument Flight Rules
IHP: Indicated Horsepower
IIP: International ice Patrol
IMO: International Maritime Organization
INMARSAT: International Maritime Satellite
INS: Immigration and Naturalization Service
INTEL: Intelligence
IR: Infrared
IS: Information Systems
ISO: International Standards Organization
IT: Information Technology/Instructor Training


JCET: Joint/Combined Excercises for Training
JOOD: Junior Officer of the Deck
JTF: Joint Task Force



LAT: Latitude/Local Apparent Time
LCDR: Lieutenant Commander (USCG O-4)
LE: Law Enforcement
LF: Low Frequency
LLNR: Light List Number
LMT: Local Mean Time
LNB: Large Navigational Buoy
LNM: Local Notice to Mariners
LOA: Length Over All
LOB: Line of Bearing
LONG: Longitude
LOP: Line of Position
LORAN: Long-Range Aid to Navigation
LOS: law of the Sea/Line of Sight
LPO: Leading Petty Officer
LPOC: last Port of Call
LPOP: Listening Post/Observation Post
LPV: low Profile Vessel
LRA: long Range Aircraft
LRS: Long Range Surveillance/Search
LT: Lieutenant (USCG O-3)
LTJG: Lieutenant Junior Grade (USCG O-2)
LWOP: Leave Without Pay


MA: Mission Analysis/Materials
MAR: Mission Analysis Report
MARAD: Maritime Administration
MARB: Marine Assistance Request Broadcast
MARIS: Maritime Information System
MARPOL: The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships
MBL: Maritime Boundary Line
MDSU: Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit
MDZ: Maritime Defense Zone
MEC: Medium Endurance Cutter
MEDEVAC: Medical Evacuation
MEP: Marine Environmental Protection
MER: Marine Environmental Response
MF: Medium Frequency
MFCMA: Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act
MHA: Military Housing Area
MHT: Mean High Tide
MI: Maritime Inspection and Investigation
MIL-STD: Military Standard
MILSPEC: Military Specifications
MIO: Marine Inspection Office
MIS: Management Information System
MISLE: Marine Information for Safety and Law Enforcement
MLB: Motor Life Boat
MLE: Maritime Law Enforcement
MLT: Mean Low Tide
MMD: Merchant Mariner’s Document
MMPA: Marine Mammal Protection Act
MOB: Man Overboard
MPA: Maritime Patrol Aircraft
MPAR: Mission Performance Assessment Report
MRB: Medium Response Boat
MRS: Medium Range Surveillance/Search
MS: Marine Safety
MSDS: Materials Safety Data Sheet
MSEP: Marine Safety & Environmental Protection
MSU: Marine Safety Unit
MWR: Moral, Welfare and Recreation


NAS: naval Air Station
NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NAVAID: Navigation Aid
NAVCEN: Navigation Center
NCO: Non-Commissioned Officer (USCG E4 - E-9)
NDBC: National Data Buoy Center
NDRS: National Distress and Response System
NDS: National Distress System
NEPA: National Environmental Policy Act
NIS: Navigations Information Service
NISA: National Invasive Species Act of 1996
NIST: national Institute of Standards and Technology
NJP: Non-Judicial Punishment
NM: Nautical Mile
NMC: national Maritime Center
NMDMP: National Marine Debris Monitoring Program
NMFS: National Marine Fisheries Service
NOAA: National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
NOV: Notice of Violation
NPOC: Next Port of Call
NRC: National Response Center
NTM: Notice to Mariners
NVDC: National Vessel Documentation Center


OCONUS: Outside Continental US
OCS: Officer Candidate School
OD: Officer of the Day
ODU: Operational Dress Uniform
OIC: Officer-in-Charge
O&M: Operations and Maintenance
OMB: Office of Management and Budget
OOD: Officer of the Deck/Day
OPA 90: Oil Pollution Act of 1990
OPAREA: Operational Area
OPCEN: Operations Center
OPM: Office of Personnel management
OPNAV: Office of the Chief of Naval Operations
OPREP: Operations Report
OPSEC: Operational Security
OPSUM: Operational Summary
OR: Operational Readiness
OSC: On-Scene Commander
OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OT&E: Operational Test & Evaluation
OVBD: Overboard


PA: Public Affairs
PACAREA: Pacific Area
PB: Patrol Boat
PCS: Permanent Change of Station
PDS: Permanent Duty Station
PFD: Personal Flotation Device
PHS: Public Health Service (USPHS)
PIW: Person in the Water
PO: Petty Officer (USCG E4 – E6)
POB: Persons on Board
POC: Point of Contact
POD: Probability of Detection
POE: Point of Embarkation
POE: Port of Entry
POE: Projected Operational Environment
POV: Privately Owned Vehicles
PPE: Personal Protective Equipment
PQS: Personnel Qualification Standard
PSC: Port State Control
PSS: Port Safety and Security
PSTFS: Pollution Spill Trajectory Forecast Service
PSU: Port Security Unit
PTSA: Port and Tanker Safety Act
PVA: Passenger Vessel Association
PVC: Polyvinyl Chloride
PWC: Personal Watercraft
PWSA: Ports and Waterways Safety Act of 1972


QM: Quartermaster
QPR: Qualified Personnel Required
QSS: Qualification Standards System
QTR: Quarterly Training Report


RA: Radio navigation Aids
RACON: Radar Beacon
RADHAZ: Radiation Hazard
RADM: Rear Admiral (USCG O-7 Lower Half – O-8 Upper Half)
RBS: Recreational Boating System
RCC: Rescue Coordination Center
RCRA: Resource Conservation and Recover Act of 1986
RF: Radio Frequency
RFD: Request for Deviation
RFW: Request for Waiver
RHIB: Rugged Hull Inflatable Boat
RIG SAAFEARM: Recognition ID Guide to Ship Associated Flags, Ensigns, and Aircraft Rondel Markings
RML: Relative Movement Line
RMP: Risk Management Plan
RN: Radio navigation
ROD: Report of Discrepancy
ROE: Rules of Engagement
ROTC: Reserve Officers Training Corps
ROTHR: Relocatable Over the Horizon Radar
RP: Reference Point
RP: Responsible Party
RPM: Revolutions Per Minute
RQ: Reportable Quantities
RRI: Response Resources Inventory
RTC: Reserve Training Center
RW: Relative Wind


SADT: Special Active Duty for Training
SAR: Search and Rescue
SARSAT: Search and Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking
SATCOM: Satellite Communications
SBD: Silent But Deadly
SBU: Sensitive but Unclassified
SC: Search and Rescue Coordinator
SCBA: Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
SEH: Safety and Environmental Health
Semper Paratus: “Always Ready”
SF: Shore Facilities
SHF: Super High Frequency
SHP: Sexual harassment Prevention
SIGINT: Signals Intelligence
SITREP: Situation Report
SIV: Special Interest Vessel
SLOC: Sea Lines of Communication
SLTG: Shoulder Line Throwing Gun
SMT: Senior Management Team
SMTJ: Special Maritime and Territorial Jurisdiction
SN: Serial Number
SNAFU: Situation Normal, All Fouled Up
SOLAS: Safety of Life at Sea
SONS: Spills of national Significance
SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
SOPA: Senior Officer Present Afloat
SOPEP: Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plans
SOS: Source of Supply/International Morse Code Distress Signal
SOV: Special Operations Vessel
SPBO: Spare Parts Breakout
SPEARS: Spill Planning, Exercise, and Response System
SPOE: Sea Port of Embarkation
SRA: Short Range Aircraft/Short Range Aids to Navigation
SRM: Speed of Relative Movement
SROE: Standing Rules of Engagement
SRU: Surface Resource Unit
SRV: Short Range Vessel
SSB: Single Side Band
STA: Station
STANTEAM: Standardization Team
STAR: Standard Automated Requisitioning
STBD: Starboard
SWOT: Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats


TAD: Temporary Assigned Duty
TANB: Trailer Aids to navigation Boat
TBD: To Be Determined
TCM: Telecommunications Manual
TDS: Target Designation System
TGL: Task Group Leader
TIS: Time in Service
TL: Task Leader
TOI: Targets of Interest
TONO: Travel Order Number
TRACEN: Training Center/Detachment
TSD: Time, Speed, and Distance
TSP: Thrift Savings Plan
TSS: Traffic Separation Scheme


UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UCMJ: Uniform Code of Military justice
UCN: Unique Control Number
UD: Unit Designation
UHF: Ultra high Frequency
UI: Unit of Issue
UN: United Nations
UNCLAS: Unclassified
UNCLOS: United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
UOFP: Use of Force Policy
UPV: un-Inspected Passenger Vessel
US: United States of America
USA: United States Army
USACE: US Army Corps of Engineers
USAF: US Air Force
USBP: US Border Patrol
USCG: US Coast Guard
USCGAUX: US Coast Guard Auxiliary
USCGA: US Coast Guard Academy (CGA)
USCS: United States Customs Service
USF: US Forces
USG: US Government
USMC: US Marine Corps
USMS: US Marshals Service
USN: US Navy
USO: United Services Organization
USPHS: US Public Health Service (PHS)
USPS: US Postal Service
USVI: US Virgin Islands
UTB: Utility Boat


VAC: Volts Alternating Service
VADM: Vice Admiral (USCG O-9)
VDC: Volts Direct Current
VDS: Visual Distress Signal
VHF: Very High Frequency
VLF: Very Low Frequency
VMS: Vessel Monitoring System
VRP: Vessel Response Plan
VSC: Vessel Safety Check
VTM: Vessel Traffic Management


WG: Wage Grade (civilian)
WHEC: Coast Guard High-Endurance Cutter
WLB/WLI/WLM: Coast Guard Buoy Tender Seagoing/Inland/Coastal