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The Coast Guard is committed to supporting the Coast Guard Auxiliary by providing training materials, courses, and tools to impart the skills and knowledge needed to achieve mission excellence. As part of this commitment, the Coast Guard has launched an enterprise-wide Auxiliary Learning Management System (AUXLMS) to automate the delivery and, in turn, improve the efficiency of training processes for Auxiliarists. This rollout of AUXLMS is a result of an extensive and comprehensive analysis performed by the Coast Guard Office of Training, Workforce Performance, and Development (CG-132), FORCECOM Training (FC-TADL), OSC Martinsburg, Auxiliary national training and information technology programs, and the Chief Director's office (CG-BSX-1).
Along with the Coast Guard Auxiliary Online Classroom, AUXLMS provides the flexibility for Auxiliarists to access additional training material anywhere and anytime on a personal computer. For example, with AUXLMS, you can fulfill your Auxiliary Mandated Training requirements from the comfort of your home (e.g., Ethics, Sexual Harassment Prevention, et al.); in addition, ICS-210 is now available online through AUXLMS. Although the current inventory of Auxiliary training material on AUXLMS is relatively small, it will grow as more training materials are developed for online availability. Through AUXLMS, Auxiliarists also have the opportunity to access active duty "Gold Side" training courses and materials, such as content on Coast Guard boat and cutter operations.
Please Note: Successful course completion is automatically recorded in AUXDATA without manual intervention of an Information Services (IS) staff officer. Data uploads from AUXLMS to AUXDATA will occur on a weekly basis each Monday.
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For problems and support, please visit the National Help Desk at, and submit a ticket in the "T-Training" category. When you select that category, sub-categories appear; choose "AUXLMS".

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Mandated Training Update Sept. 30, 2016

Admiral Thomas Sends:

District Commanders;

1. I ask for your support in promoting and encouraging Auxiliarists in your
districts to complete their Auxiliary mandated training (AUXMT) by the end
of CY 2016. Like their active duty, reserve, and civilian counterparts, CG
Auxiliarists are required to complete, and remain current with a battery of
mandated training. AUXMT requirements were first established in 2011 (a
detailed listing of AUXMT requirements and their frequencies of completion
can be found at the end of this email). In the intervening period, two
previously announced deadlines were extended in order to accommodate
development and provision of optional ways to complete AUXMT, including
brick-and-mortar course versions, as well as the establishment of a
self-certification of completion using hard copies of the training material.
Now, except for Auxiliarists newly enrolled during the past year, all
Auxiliarists are required to complete their AUXMT by December 31, 2016.
This rapidly approaching deadline was negotiated with NEXCOM concurrence &
approval and announced in June 2015. As of September 19 however, only 13,782
of 27,795 Auxiliarists (49.6%) have completed their AUXMT.

2. Completing all AUXMT takes only about 4-6 hours in total. All courses
are available online through the Auxiliary Learning Management System
(AUXLMS, AUXMT prepares Auxiliarists to
effectively serve as CG uniformed volunteers who are ready and capable of
engaging with fellow Auxiliarists, CG personnel, other agencies and
organizations, and the American public. AUXMT provides Auxiliarists with
basic understanding of the CG's core values, critical human relations
policies including SAPR, personal safety and organizational security
concerns, and the National Incident Management System. More importantly, it
communicates behavioral standards that are expected of everyone in the CG.

3. Consequences for non-completion of AUXMT by the end of CY 2016 were also
developed in close consultation with and concurrence from NEXCOM. These
consequences include the loss of currency in Auxiliary competencies (e.g.,
an Auxiliary coxswain who does not complete AUXMT by December 31, 2016 will
not be able to be assigned to such duty on January 1, 2017 until they
complete their AUXMT), loss of privilege to be issued a new Auxiliary ID
card upon its expiration, loss of eligibility to receive CG-funded travel
orders, and loss of eligibility to hold elected or appointed office.

4. Auxiliarists are well aware of the importance of AUXMT, and your support
of your Directors of Auxiliary and regional Auxiliary leaders will help
maximize AUXMT completion by the end of CY 2016.

Auxiliary Mandated Training Requirements

a. To be successfully completed by the end of the first full year of
enrollment and then once every five years thereafter:

(1) Building Resilience and Preventing Suicide in the CG -
course 502379
(2) Security Fundamentals - course code 810030
(3) Privacy at DHS: Protecting Personal Information - course
(4) Sexual Harassment Prevention - course 81000
(5) Sexual Assault Prevention / Response - course 810045
(6) Civil Rights Awareness - course 502319

b. To be successfully completed only once (new enrollees must
complete them by the end of the first full year of enrollment):

(7) Ethics 1 / Personal Gifts - course 502306
(8) Influenza Training - course 502290
(9) Intro to the Incident Command System, ICS-100 - course
(10) Intro to National Incident Management System - course

I appreciate your leadership on this important issue.




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