Join the Coast Guard Auxiliary

Flotillas in Division One

Links to Flotilla web sites

Flotilla 1-1: Babylon - Meetings, first Monday of the month at Babylon NY Village Hall. Meeting starts at 8:00 PM.

Flotilla 1-2: Amityville - Meetings, first Wednesday of the month, at Amityville Memorial High School, Student Library, 250 Merrick Road, Amityville. Meeting starts at 7:30 PM.

Flotilla 1-3: Islip - Meetings, first Monday of each month, at the Recreation Center in Brookwood Hall, Islip Town park in East Islip on Irish Lane (between Montauk Highway and Union Blvd.) Doors open at 7:30pm and the meeting starts at 8:00pm.

Flotilla 1-4: Lindenhurst - Meetings, first Wednesday of each month, at The Rainbow Senior Citizens Center, 293 Buffalo Avenue, Lindenhurst. Meeting starts at 7:30 PM.

Flotilla 1-6: Air Station Islip-Mac Arthur - Meetings, second Thursday of each month, at Civil Air Patrol HQ building, 1600 Lincoln Ave., Holbrook. Meeting starts at 7:30 PM

Flotilla 1-7: Sayville - Meetings, first Tuesday of each month, 336 West Main Street, Patchogue.  Meeting starts at 7:30 PM

12 Steps to Joining the Coast Guard Auxiliary

Before you join

1. Understand what is available for you to do such as surface or air patrols, public education, watch standing and much more.  Start here

2. Understand what your responsibilities will be such as proper wear of our uniform, attending meetings, undergo training, etc.  New Member Handbook

3. Visit several flotillas in your area (see list above). Talk to the members and determine if their strengths support the reasons you want to join. Division 1 Flotilla web sites

How to join

4. Once you find a flotilla you would like to join, complete a new member application. 
Enrollment Application

5. Review the Auxiliary New Member Course. New Member Course
6. Complete the Auxiliary New Member exam on the separate answer sheet.
   New Member exam Answer sheet
7. Bring a check for flotilla dues and required items of identification to a meeting and get your fingerprints taken. 

While you wait for your application to be approved

8. Take ICS 100 and 700 courses on the FEMA site. Make sure you print the certificates of completion. 

9. Take an approved boating safety course (classroom courses only). 
Local course offerings
10. Review Auxiliary Protocol guidelines

11. Attend flotilla meetings & fellowship events to learn about Auxiliary organization, policies, procedures and programs.

12. There are many things that prospective members may do and some that they may not.  What prospective members may and may not do


"Honesty - Dedication - Devotion to Duty"