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                                          Succession of Leadership

Hello Everyone,

September is an exciting season for members in the auxiliary. We are reflecting on our accomplishments from the year and the soon ending season of surface operations. Some of your leaders are already making plans to recruit and train members for next season. You should be helping!

Many of you are also making huge efforts to reach your goals before the end of the year. Remember, goals aren’t something you dismiss if you fall short. Goals give you purpose, direction and motivation to succeed. The leaders are still working on your personal and flotillas’ goals and Division’s RBS goals. You should be helping!

This is the season when we are also thinking seriously about succession of leadership. Who will be the next flotilla commander, vice, etc? An organization without an active and forward thinking leader is like a speeding car whose engine just died and whose steering wheel fell off. Oh, it’ll go for a while – until it runs out of momentum or hits something. Your current leaders are searching for future leaders. You should be helping!

If YOU are that active and forward thinking person, now is the time to consider applying for appointed office or running for elected office at your flotilla or at division. You all know the characteristics of a bad leader. You probably work for or have worked for one at some time in your life. If you have been in the Auxiliary (or any volunteer organization) long enough you probably have come across a passive leader - one who chairs meetings, passes emails (sometimes) and handles problems as they arise. We are searching for GOOD leaders. You should be helping here too!

We are at a critical time. We have been falling short of recruiting goals and qualifying new crew positions for several consecutive seasons. We have fewer members applying for leadership positions. Our most experienced long time members are loosing momentum (think about that car). We need new leaders to step up. WE NEED YOU!

If you are interested or know someone who may qualify for a leadership position, speak to your mentor, vice or flotilla commander. Ask them what you can do. If you are serious but don’t get a prompt and direct answer contact Hans (VCDR) or me.

As many of you have heard, I won the election for District Captain, 2015. It has been an honor and a pleasure serving you for the past 9 months. But we’re not done! There’s more work to do. And at the risk of sounding repetitive: You should be helping!

Warm Regards,

Lou Volpato
Commander, Division 1
District Captain (elect) Sector Long Island Sound South
Long Island, New York