Auxiliarists Are USCG Force Multipliers

Auxiliarists from Flotilla 11-2 can become qualified to augument Coast Guard active duty personnel at Station Menemsha, Station Woods Hole and CG Air Station Cape Cod.  Our Members stand security watch, handle radio communications, participate as Boat Crew on Coast Guard vessels, fly missions supporting the CG Air Unit and inspect commercial vessels.  Advanced level training is available for these and other missions, generally alongside our active duty shipmates.  We become Force Multipliers, extending the resources and reach of the USCG in our area.

Auxiliarist from 11-2 Standing Gate Security Watch

Gate Security Watch

Security Force Multiplier
The Auxiliary assists the USCG directly by providing gate security personnel. Security Watchstanding has a short training requirement and allows an Auxiliary member to become a “force multiplier” for the Coast Guard. Our duty is to ensure the security of the base by monitoring all traffic entering and departing. By having an Auxiliarist occupy this position it allows a Coast Guardsman to perform other complicated or exacting duties.


Manning the Communications Center at Station Woods Hole

Radio Communications

Radio Watch-Room
The Auxiliary assists the USCG directly by serving as Communications Watchstanders. Radio communications has a training requirement that follows the Coast Guard's qualification standards for this duty. Once the skills are mastered, an Oral Board is administered by a CG Qualification Examiner.  Successful completion of the training allows an Auxiliary member to operate the communications center at a Coast Guard Station.  We answer phones, keep track of personnel through periodic radio contact and maintain the communications log for the watch.  We also monitor the VHF radios for distressed mariners and initiate the rescue process. When an Auxilarist performs these duties, it frees active duty personnel to undertake critical missions such as Ship Boardings or other Maritime Law enforcement actions.