Boater's Pre-Underway Checklist

Fortier 26' Cabin Cruiser

Create a Pre-Underway Checklist.

Each time before a USCG Auxiliary vessel leaves the dock, the entire crew reviews a standard checklist together.  Once all items on the list are checked off as satisfactory, it's time to get underway.

Customize a Checklist for your vessel.  At a minimum, check to make sure the following items are on board and/or working properly every time before you depart:

  • Driver's License

  • Current Boat Registration Papers

  • Fuel Supply and Oil Level

  • Life Jackets Properly Sized for Every Person On Board

  • Navigation Lights

  • Marine Radio

  • GPS

  • Emergency Equipment - Flares, Signaling Devices, First Aid Kit

  • Float Plan - Filed with a Friend or Left in your Vehicle

If any item on your checklist is not satisfactory, it is your responsibility to correct it before getting underway.  Always choose safety rather than take a risk with your life or the life of your passengers.