Boating in the Cape and Islands Area


Classic Catboat 

The waters of the Cape and Islands are legendary for their beauty and variety. Our location is home to picture-perfect harbors, miles of unspoiled shoreline and spectacular islands. Truly, the lower Cape and Islands area is a boater’s paradise!

Whether your time on the water is a leisurely sail, a fishing trip or a pleasure cruise, the Auxiliary and the Coast Guard are your partners in boating safety. Safe boating starts well before your vessel is underway. By following good boating practices, you greatly increase the safety of those onboard.

Please use the links on this page to make your boating experience enjoyable…and safe!

· Massachusetts Boating Laws Handbook

· Rhode Island Boating Laws Handbook

· Request an annual Vessel Safety Check.

· Review the NOAA Nautical Charts of our area.

· Check the NOAA NE Weather Forecast before departing.

· Review the NOAA Coastal Marine Zone Forecast for local waters.

· Check the NOAA Tide Predictions for the period of your trip.

· Boat responsibly - File a Float Plan.

· Protect yourself and your crew - Life Jackets save lives – wear them.

· Know the Navigation Rules and Aids to Navigation System.

· Drive defensively - Use courtesy and common sense at the helm.

· Boat smart - Alcohol and boating don’t mix.

Please remember:

You're in Command  -  “Safe Boating is No Accident”