Three generations of motor lifeboats, MLB 36500, NLB 42001, MLB 44301 in front of the Chatham Light

Our History

In 1939 Congress established a “United States Coast Guard Auxiliary”, administered by the Commandant of the Coast Guard and composed of unpaid volunteer U.S. citizens who owned motorboats or yachts. In 1941, Congress created a military reserve of the Coast Guard and renamed the original volunteer reserve the “Coast Guard Auxiliary".
The Cape Cod flotilla 11-1 of the Coast Guard Auxiliary was chartered on April 18, 1964 with 13 members as “the first non-war time flotilla on the Cape”. Since then, the flotilla has grown to over 70 members and is justifiably proud of its reputation as one of the nation’s premier boating safety organizations. It is a fully recognized partner and component force of the United States Coast Guard Team and excels in its role as a force multiplier assisting in performing any Coast Guard Function, power, duty, role, mission or operation authorized by law and the Commandant.



The 36500 is currently on display at Rock Harbor, Orleans, MA. To view the history of the boat and the rescue of the crew from the Pendelton click here.

CG History

SEP 14th, 1716 -The Boston Lighthouse on Little Brewster Island in Boston Harbor, the first lighthouse established in America, was first lit.
OCT 4th, 1980 - A fire broke out on the Dutch cruise vessel Prinsendam off Ketchikan, Alaska. Coast Guard helicopters and the cutters Boutwell, Mellon, and Woodrush respond in concert with other vessels in the area and rescue all of the passengers and crew without loss of life.
Resolution 109th Congress "The following is a recent Senate Resolution that conveys profound gratitude and respect for the efforts of the U.S. Coast Guard as it serves the American public in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Many statistics and testaments are mentioned throughout the text...but only one "Coast Guard." And that Coast Guard is understood to be composed of valiant members from all aspects of its human resource duty, reserve, civilian, retiree, family member...and most notably its volunteer lifesavers, the Auxiliary. Thank you, Coast Guard Auxiliary, for your dedication and service to your country and humanity. Sincerely, Captain Barry P. Smith, Chief Director of Auxiliary." To learn more, click here.