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Chaplain Support (ACS) Program Auxiliary

Rev. Dr. Phillip Todd Poole, Director

The Auxiliary Chaplain Support (ACS) Program supplements and supports Navy Chaplains serving with the Coast Guard (CG) by expanding Religious Ministry within the Coast Guard to better meet the needs of Coast Guard members and their families.

CG Chaplains (officers of the U.S. Navy Chaplain Corps assigned to the Coast Guard) provide Religious Ministry to CG members. They play a vital role in support of overall mission execution of the CG. Due to the limited number of CG Chaplains, they may be prevented or delayed in the timely response to Religious Ministry requirements.

The CG recognizes that the CG Auxiliary is composed of many skilled volunteers, some of whom have clergy credentials. The ACS Program expands the Religious Ministry capacity within the CG to better meet the needs of CG members.

The ACS Program does not supplant CG Chaplains, but supplements and supports their mission. ACS Chaplains serve under the direct supervision of their designated CG Chaplain and must coordinate and report all Religious Ministry support to that CG Chaplain.

Auxiliarists with clergy credentials must meet many of the same qualifications as members of the Navy Chaplain Corps, which are described in COMDINST 1730.5B.The Chaplain of the CG (CG-00A) administers the ACS Program and its associated qualification and training requirements.

If you hold a clergy credential and want to support Religious Ministry programs in the CG supervised by CG Chaplains you can obtain more information by contacting the ACS programs National Director or one of the Regional Division Chiefs below.   

ACS Directory Staff:

National Director, Rev. Dr. Phillip Poole
National Deputy Director, Rev. Dr. Thomas Walcott
National Training Division Chief, Rabbi Dr. Maurice Kaprow
National Training Atlantis East Branch Chief, Rev. Dr. Dan Vinersar
National Training Atlantic West Branch Chief, Rev. Gregory O Schaefer
National Training Pacific Branch Chief, Rev. Gail Porter
National Public Affairs Officer Branch Chief, Rabbi Isaac Rosenberg

Atlantic East Region Division Chief, Rev. Alex Carmichel
District One North Branch Chief, Rev. Dr. Ben Shambaugh
District One South Branch Chief, Rev. Dr. Jacob Dunlow
District Five North Branch Chief, Rev. Alan Leonard
District Five South Branch Chief, Rev. Lee Farmer
District Seven North Branch Chief, Rev. Bee S Kirk
District Seven South Branch Chief, Rev. George VanSyckle

Atlantic West Region Division Chief, Rev. Don Brown
District Eight Western Branch Chief, Rev. Andy Wilson
District Eight Eastern Branch Chief, Rev. Oliver Trimiew
District Eight Costal Branch Chief, Rev. Ray Doss
District Eight Western Rivers Branch Chief, Rev. Andy Wilson
District Nine Central Division Chief, Rev. Dr. David Hansen
District Nine Western Division Chief, Rev. Mark Ober
District Nine Eastern Division Chief, Pending

Pacific Region Division Chief, Rev. John Zinck
District Eleven Division Chief, Rev. Michael Chester
District Thirteen Division Chief, Rev. Mike VanProyen
District Fourteen Division Chief, Rev. Dr. Vicki Lepick
District Seventeen Division Chief, Rev. Fred Voss


ACS Chaplain National Staff pictured at NTRAIN March 2022. Standing at rear, 2nd from the left is Chaplain Thomas Walcott (CAPT), Chaplain of the Coast Guard.