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Surface Operations News

Damage Control on Vessels

Damage control on vessels has issues that all need to be addressed, preparation, mitigation, & response. Please see the attached presentation to make sure you have the knowledge and the know-how in dealing with vessel damage control.

Damage Control on Vessels 

Surface Mishap Data, CG Safety and Work Life Center

The Chief Director of Auxiliary office has recently released Auxiliary Surface Operations mishap data covering the years 2006 to 2016 inclusive; the source of this data is the CG Safety and Work-life Service Center in Norfolk, VA.

Surface Mishaps Info 2006 thru 2016

Surface Mishap Analysis

Mon, 12 May 14   Posted by: John Parker
“The Surface Operations Division has released an “Analysis of Auxiliary Surface Mishaps Report” to all Auxiliary Districts. (Surface_Mishap_Analysis)

This report identifies patterns and trends of auxiliary mishaps from 2010 to early 2013. The report is designed to help reduce operational mishaps and injuries throughout the fleet by providing a summary of mishaps and mishap causation. It also includes general recommendations that can inform your operational training techniques, workshops and
meetings. Please be sure that every crewmember is briefed on the findings of this report.”