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Response Directorate Program Information and Documents

This section of our Directorates' web provides information and links to documents and manuals about the Program Operations activities for AUXAIR, Surface, and TeleCommunications

The primary document for information on Response program operations is the AUXILIARY OPERATIONS POLICY MANUAL COMDTINST M16798.3E This manual is over 300 pages so if you have a slow internet connection it will take a few minutes to load.

This Manual outlines policies and procedures necessary for effective operation of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. The Coast Guard Auxiliary has been a critical part of the Coast Guard’s historic transition to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Auxiliary now assumes the role and responsibility as the Department’s lead organization of dedicated volunteers. This Manual further helps set the course for the ready, reliable, and relevant Auxiliary operational support to the full spectrum of Coast Guard missions, both traditional and new, and in a different and far more complex maritime security environment. This new Auxiliary Operations Policy Manual should be reviewed in its entirety.

Another useful area to look at is our "Best Practices" page which contains tips guidelines and information on some best practices for each of our main divisions:

Looking for information on Global Distress and Safety Systems/Digital Selective Calling info GMDSS/DSC.  Click on this link.

Occasionally errors will get into manuals and it may take some time for the corrections to get reviewed and incorporated into a new version of the document.  This information will be posted on this page.

We also have a "Frequently Asked Questions" page with sections for each of our divisions.

Maritime Domain Awareness is a key component of much of what we do in the Auxiliary.  Click here for a useful document "Maritime Domain Awareness Operations Check List".

All Auxiliarists are authorized and encouraged to wear the various Auxiliary uniforms or the Blue Blazer outfit.  Some Coast Guard and Auxiliary programs and activities require that Auxiliarists wear a uniform when participating.   When we took our oath to join the organization we committed to wearing the uniform proudly and correctly.  For further information on the wearing of the various uniforms take a look at this page.