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National Operations Workshops

Last Updated: 26JAN2023

2023 National Operations Workshops Directions


1. National Operations Workshops. The Surface and Telecommunications Workshops are required for 2023. The Air Operations Workshop is a mandatory task included as part of the Air Station Safety Workshop. Like 2022, the National Operations Workshops (Surface/Air/Telecommunications) may be completed via webinar. The workshop training material(s) must be delivered by an Auxiliarist qualified in the respective operations program provided they are either a certified instructor or are under the supervision of a certified instructor. Instructors may use any webinar delivery platform that is available in their region. Instructors are encouraged to work with their Chain of Leadership and Management (COLM) to determine the proper delivery platform. Self-Attestation is NOT permitted for any of the National Operations Workshops. The workshops have significant needed information and will take greater than 1 hour (possibly 2 hours), please plan accordingly. Details for the 2023 required National Operations Workshops are

listed below:

 aSurface Operations Workshop. This workshop is required for all boat crew coxswains, boat crew members, personal watercraft operators, paddle craft operators, and those currently training for any of these competencies, including members in Required Yearly Not Met  (REYR) status who intend to regain their certification.

 b. Air Operations Workshop. This workshop is a required element of the annual Air Station Safety Workshop. It is required for all pilots, air crew, air observers, and those currently training for any of these competencies, including members in REYR status who intend to regain their certification. 

 cTelecommunications Workshop. This workshop is required of all operators and owners of Auxiliary Radio Facilities. It is required of those currently holding Telecommunications  Operator (TCO), or in training for TCO qualification, and those who are using AUXCOM as their “grandfathered” qualification for radio operation. This does not apply to the operation of radios on aircraft or vessels which are covered by crew certification.

 d. Instructors of these workshops must submit a Workshop Mission and Attendance Report

(ANSC-7039) to their IS officer for entry into AUXDATA II.


2.  Per chapter 8.B.1.g of reference (a), the required Telecommunications and Surface workshops must be completed no later than 30 June 2023. If not completed by 30 June 2023, members required to complete those workshops will have their affected competencies placed into Required Workshop Not Met (REWK). If a required workshop is not completed by 31 December 2023, the affected competencies will be placed in REYR status.

3. The Air Operations Workshop is a required element of the annual Air Station Safety Workshop and must be completed by the end of 2023. The task should be entered into AUXDATA II for participants.


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