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Education Division

Tom Violante, Division Chief Education

EDUCATION and Directorate Support Division

The Education Division supports all Auxiliarists involved in Surface Operations, Telecommunications, and AUXAIR.

The Web Master Branch is responsible for developing and maintaining the Directorate web site including pages for the general public, all Auxiliarists and the more secured member sections which require password access to web pages and documents.

The Instructor Branch, in collaboration with the other Divisions, develops the annual workshops for Surface Operations, Telecommunications and Auxiliary Air units. This branch is responsible for the Organizational Risk Management/Team Coordination Training Auxiliary courses and the currency maintenance exercises.

The Safety Branch of the Education Division focuses on supporting the Safety branches in the other divisions by providing support, input, review, tips, and recommendations for the annual workshops, TCT currency maintenance exercises, Web Safety pages, and the Directorate publication The Responder.

The Editor Branch is responsible for gathering articles, editing, and publishing the Directorate newsletter The Responder.



The forth leg of the Response Directorate is the Education Division which is responsible for the Response Directorate news letter, this web site, safety tips and information, and the annual TCT and Operations refresher presentations.