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Response Directorate Divisions

The Response Directorate includes 4 divisions for Air, Surface, Telecommunications, and Education.  For each of the primary divisions they will have a home page, a page for news items specific to that division and a page that provides links to documents, specific to that division.


AUXAIR is an Auxiliary operational program, but organized on a district level rather than on a flotilla and division basis.

Surface Operations

Surface Operations and the Boat Crew Training Program are at the heart of most flotilla activities.


Auxiliary communications are not bound into a rigidly structured operational system but rather consist of fixed land stations, land mobile stations and direction finder stations that have been accepted by the Director of the Auxiliary as radio facilities. 


The forth leg of the Response Directorate is the Education Division which is responsible for the Response Directorate news letter, this web site, safety tips and information, and the annual TCT and Operations refresher presentations.