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Boat Crew and QE Resources

All forms, documents, handbooks, guides and manuals are subject to periodic updates.

PLEASE use the most current version posted on this site when conducting training and evaluations.

Each document will be marked with a version # and posting date at the bottom of the page. 

Hover Your Mouse Over the Folder ICON to View the Folder's Contents.

Maintenance Procedure Cards (MPC)

Maintenance Procedure Cards (MPC) are Coast Guard/Coast Guard Auxiliary confidential and should not be distributed outside the Auxiliary.

Although Printing of Maintenance Procedure Cards (MPC) is authorized, they are still controlled documents and shall be destroyed by shredding when superseded.  

Note: Check the dates after each MPC for the last time it was updated.  Make sure you are using the most current inspection cards for the proper procedures.

To access the Maintenance Procedure Cards (MPC) please click here.

*Once logged into AuxData II follow these steps...

  • From the TOP menu select "More" then choose "Files" 
  • From the LEFT menu select "Libraries" 
  • Select Rescue & Survival Systems Maintenance Procedure Cards (MPC)