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Currency Maintenance Tasks for All Flight Crew Members

See also Auxiliary Operations Policy Manual, Chapter 2, Section C

All Auxiliary pilots,  air crew, and observers must meet the following applicable requirements to maintain certification:

  • Annual training in emergency egress must include at least a lecture on basic principles, use of related equipment, and the required preflight briefing for the types of aircraft in use.

  • Before the first flight as an air crew member in an Auxiliary aircraft operating offshore under orders, and then as an annual requirement, each crew member must swim 75 yards and the successfully demonstrate entry into a waterborne life raft.  Crew members may wear an inflated PFD during the swim.  They must receive instruction in water survival techniques and the use of all survival equipment onboard the aircraft.   Subject to availability, Auxiliarists may make use of available Coast Guard personnel, equipment, and facilities in meeting the requirements of this paragraph.  Auxiliary aviators are also encourages to take part in Shallow Water Egress Training (SWET) when available and provided by the air station.

NOTE: Life rafts used in the swim test should be of the same type as carried aboard Auxiliary or Coast Guard aircraft.


Pilots, Observers and Air Crew must annually attend an air safety workshop conducted for Auxiliary Air Crew members by a Coast Guard air station or a Commandant (G-OCX-2) or Commandant (G-WKS-1) representative or approved instructor.  The instructor must use a syllabus approved by the cognizant air station.  This annual Auxiliary aviation workshop shall include the following agenda items:

  • Aeromedical facts for pilots and air crew.

  • Crew resource management (CRM) and aeronautical decision-making principles.

  • Selected excerpts from the FAR and the Aeronautical Information Manual pertinent to Auxiliary aviation.

  • Aviation subject matter pertinent to the district location.