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FirstNet story that demonstrates implementation of FirstNet in real-world use:

Before joining FirstNet, the Oglala Sioux Tribe reviewed various options for reliable communications to keep officers safe and in the field. That's when the agency started looking at FirstNet and decided to make the switch.  Watch the Video .


Why AUXPTT is Good for Auxiliary Communications

The newest tool for efficient USCG Auxiliary communications is the Push-To-Talk (PTT), an application
that may be downloaded onto any smart phone, computer, laptop or pad device. It provides instant
communications between users worldwide without any lag and features multiple channels available to all,
including two national channels. National Administrators have complete control of the AUXPTT system, allowing new members to be brought online in minutes.  Read more here


Real-life ‘Castaway’ rescued by USCG Auxiliary Air Crew off Florida

For a Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater Auxiliary aircrew flying out on August 17, it was anything but a routine

patrol, part of their regular Maritime Observation Mission (MOM) flown along Florida’s shores.  Read the full story here...


Crew/Coxswain training Drills

Be sure to check out the newly shared Crew and Coxswain Training Drills for the Surface Program.

These are currently the same that active duty follows with some possible future modifications for the Auxiliary. 

Go to the side menu "Program Operations" and then "Training Guides"

The Responder - Fall 2021

The latest edition of the Directorate News letter for 2021 ( The Responder ) is now available.

The Fall 2021 edition of The Responder is now available at this link.  In this issue:

    • AUXAIR Crew Locates Missing Paddle boarder in Hawaii
    • Plan Ahead
    • Beyond TCT
    • Man Overboard!
    • Offering a Radio for Auxiliary Use
    • Safety Tip
    • Operational Tips
    • Mission Reporting Reminders
    • What’s New
    • Help Wanted

    New Updated Codes for 7030 Form

    Tue, 27 Apr 21  

    Important: There are new codes to be used when reporting your operational hours on the 7030 form.  Take a look at this link for details.


    Updates to Maintenance Procedure Cards

    Tue, 26 Nov 19  

    New and updated versions of Maintenance procedure cards to be used for the twice annual PPE inspections have been posted on the Members only page.  There is an "updated" notation for each MPC with the month and year of the most recent change.

    A number of cards were updated in October and November of this year.  Make sure you are using the most current version when you perform your PPE inspections

    You must signin to view these and remember these are confidential documents that should not be released outside the division/flotilla PPE inspectors.  Any old printed versions of PPE card documents should be destroyed/shredded in a secure way.


    Refer to BSX Policy Letter 19-01 for new Risk Management trading required for members involved in Surface, Air and Telecommunication