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National Safety Board

The Auxiliary Strategic Plan calls for establishment of a Safety Board which will meet regularly to review safety issues and provide safety advice to Auxiliary leaders, as well as setting up procedures for reporting and gathering information on mishaps for analysis of trends.

Accordingly, a National Safety Board has been established.  It consists of members with backgrounds focusing on the safety aspects of industry and the Auxiliary. Initially, the Board has organized into several committees, including a Leadership Committee, a Subject Matter Expert Committee, the team from the CG Safety Office, and an Implementing Partners Committee.  Although not assigned to any committees, Auxiliary Senior Leadership are Ex-Officio members of the Board.  As in the past, we will discuss issues openly and with consideration to all, seeking to reach consensus.   

The Board is led by the National Safety Officer, N-PS, who is appointed by the National Commodore as a safety advisor to Auxiliary leadership and serves as the Chairman of the National Safety Board.  

The Board includes:

The Leadership Committee - The “Constellation of Commodores” provides a wealth of Auxiliary knowledge and experience, as well as subject matter expertise. Their many years of Auxiliary experience and executive level leadership ensure that the safety program is firmly rooted in the DNA of the organization, providing stability and steady guidance. Each of these members were part of the Initial Development Advisory Board (IDAB).  Leadership Committee members include:

  • COMO Thomas Venezio, past DNACO, Retired Educator & Consultant
  • COMO Byron Moe, DVC-RA, IPDCO-D1N, Executive Assistant CG-113 Safety Program Management Division, Captain, Jet Blue Airways
  • COMO John Hume, DCO-D1N, Director of Facilities & Facilities Regulatory Coordinator, Safety Director & Vessel Master, Winslow Marine Inc
  • COMO David Elliot, ANACO-FCd, Executive Assistant for Operations for BSX (EA-O), past ANACO-RP
  • COMO Robert Shafer, N-PS, Chair NSB, past ANACO-RP, past ANACO-RB 

The Subject Matter Expert (SME) Committee or Expert Committee - These are people with letters after their names, representing certifications and/or advanced educational achievement. These members come with significant “real world” professional safety management experience in a variety of settings.  The members of the Expert Committee include: 

  • James L Shaw, Jr., CSP, CIT, AOT-(OSHA), MSESM, MSOSH, Professor of Safety & Emergency Management, Waldorf University 
  • Dave Sullivan-Nightengale, CSP, Operations Manager, Intertek Testing Services
  • Craig Hartman, DCOS-D13, Emergency Management Professional
  • Dr. Paula Sind-Prunier, Director, National Transportation Safety Board

The Coast Guard Safety Office – These Coast Guard safety professionals form our link to the service wide safety program.  They provide guidance and technical expertise and connect us with current practice and command intent.  The members of the CG Safety Office Committee include: 

  • LCDR Nicole Cannavo, USCG CG-1131 Safety Program Management- Aviation
  • Mark Bruno, USCG CG-1132 Safety Assurance and Risk Reduction Division POC, Aviation Safety Manager, CG-1132

The Implementing Partners Committee - These are Senior Staff members who will work with the other members of the National Safety Board as necessary to guide the Directorates as we work to execute, implement, and integrate safety management system component processes throughout the Auxiliary, without creating an additional and unnecessary layer of bureaucracy.  The Implementing Partners Committee includes:

  • Amanda Constant, Director-C – Computer Software and Systems Directorate
  • Rob Kumpf, DIR-T, Training Directorate
  • Kevin Redden, Director-M, Performance Measurement Directorate
  • Roy Savoca, Director-R, Response Directorate
  • Barry Denton, Director-A, Public Affairs Directorate
  • Lee Zimmerman, Director-H, Human Resources Directorate
  • Kim Cole, Director-P, Prevention Directorate
  • Chris Wilson, Deputy Assistant National Commodore, Recreational Boating

Safety begins at the top of the organization.  Accordingly, the top of the organization is represented and engaged with the Safety Board. Those ex-officio members include:

  • COMO Gus Formato, NACO
  • COMO Mary Kirkwood, VNACO
  • CAPT Troy P Glendye, CHDIRAUX