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What has Changed with AUX04?

The Auxiliary Distance Education Tech(AUX04) [course code 501063] was originally designed as a 5 day web site development course driven by the Microsoft Frontpage and Expressions Web products. In its original form the course was presented onboard Coast Guard commands using temporary logins assigned to course participants.

After a review in FY 2009/10 the course was restructured based on an Auxiliary designed content management system commonly known as WOW, "Websites Without Web masters," which has been in service and widely used by flotillas, divisions, districts throughout the country as well as the National Auxiliary Directorates until FY19.

In discussions with Forcecom, another review began in 2017 at modifying the course. As the Auxiliary continues to adapt to change, there is a need for qualified instructors that can teach/train from anywhere using the latest technologies. This course is designed to build a cadre of qualified instructors that can develop and deliver effective Online learning using MOODLE..

The course is taught in 3 days at commercial locations. There are 3 classes per year scheduled.. The instruction is intended to provide Auxiliary National Staff members responsible for developing online training an introduction to the use of MOODLE in effective Online learning.

Will I need a laptop computer to attend AUX04?

 Students MUST bring a laptop capable of connecting to Wi-Fi (iPads or similar devices will not meet the requirement) with them to this course. If you don't own one, you must arrange to borrow one in order to attend the AUX-04 C-School!!!

What is the Uniform while attending AUX04?

Uniform of the day per Coast Guard C-School Directive – Tropical Blue (TROPS) for Instructors and Students. If a student does not have a complete and proper TROPS Uniform (no dickie slacks, black tennis shoes, etc.) they should consult the AUXMAN for appropriate uniform substitutions and also contact the course coordinator.