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Course Syllabus


This course will introduce the learner to the foundations of distance learning (online learning), expose them to the technologies and techniques used to deliver online instruction and prepare them to teach and manage MOODLE online courses.

Expected Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course the learners will be able to design, develop and deliver an online training course within the Auxiliary MOODLE Classroom (or any other system) in accordance with the standards set by the Training Directorate.


Auxiliary Instructor Development Course (IDC) qualification (IT).  The target audience are national staff members responsible for developing/delivering training for their respective directorates.

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Technology Requirements:

Learners must have a laptop computer with the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi network/internet. (iPad and similar devices are not acceptable).

Instructional Methods:

This course will be delivered using a blend of instructor-led, virtual-led and web-based instruction. Module 1 will be delivered via Web conferencing. Modules 2-4 will be delivered online via the AUX Classroom and Modules 5-6 will be delivered in-person at a designated location. The entire course will be managed within the Auxiliary MOODLE Classroom.

Evaluation Methods:

Learner evaluation will be based on the following metrics: Active course participation to include both online and in-person completion of all assignments and completion of all projects.

Module 1: Introduction to Online Learning
Course orientation, overview and expectations What is online learning?
How is it being used today? Free online learning for you
Asynchronous/Synchronous/Blended Learning

Module 2: Online Course Delivery Technologies Learning Management Systems Course Management Systems
Virtual Classroom/video conferencing

Module 3: Instructional Design Adapted for Online Learning Adapting the ADDIE process for online learning Blooms Taxonomy applied to online learning
Designing lessons that are effective and engaging for online delivery Strategies for online assessment and evaluation

Module 4: Content Creation and Multi-media Tools Media foundations and content standards Creating mobile compatible content Selecting media for effective instructional
Creating a SCORM-based instructional module Free/low cost media development tools
Project 1: Creating simple MOODLE deliverable instructional media
Project 2: Creating advanced SCORM-based content

Module 5: Building an Online Course within the Aux Classroom
Introduction to the Auxiliary Classroom. What is Moodle?
Online support resources
Course creation and effective course organization Adding learning activities and resources to the course Building assessments
Project 3: Building your online course within the AUX Classroom

Module 6: Strategies for Managing an Online Course
Time management
Strategies and techniques for engaging learners online Assessment/evaluation
Gradebook management
Managing functional/technical issues that arise
Project 4: Teach an online course within the AUX Classroom (TBD)

All students must complete feedback forms and demonstrate competence testing in class by completing an in class project. They are required to:
Project 1: Creating simple web deliverable instructional media
Project 2: Creating advanced SCORM-based content.
Project 3: Building your Online course within the MOODLE Classroom
Project 4: Teach an online course within the AUX Classroom (TBD)

Instructors will follow-up with the post class assignments reviewing the created MOODLE online course. (TEST)