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Travel Claim Submission


Once a student completes a class, he or she must complete a Travel Claim form (DD-1351-2) to receive reimbursement for authorized expenses. This form is available on the Auxiliary web site: or by clicking the link, above. The student should fill out the form, attach his or her receipts to it, and mail or hand-deliver it to the DIRAUX office. The DIRAUX will review the form and sign it before sending it to the Coast Guard Personnel Service Center (PSC) in Topeka, KS for reimbursement processing.

The PSC cannot authorize reimbursement without DIRAUX signature. Failure to obtain DIRAUX signature will result in a much delayed reimbursement process as the claim will have to be sent back and forth between DIRAUX and PSC. The PSC will also review the form and inform the Coast Guard Finance Center in Chesapeake, VA how much to deposit as reimbursement into the student’s designated financial account. Students should monitor their financial account for the reimbursement.

Below is a link to detailed instructions how to fill out the DD-1351-2 Travel Claim form.

How to fill out a Travel Claim

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