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                                  CWTSATO INFORMATION

Phone: (800) 753-7286

CWTSATO standard wording on orders

POV travel and other alternate means of travel to and from TDY location are authorized not to exceed cost of a GTR and must be approved by your DIRAUX office prior to travel. Authorized Commercial Air Round Trip. Airline reservations should be made through a government contracted travel agency. Call CWTSato Service Center at 1-800-753-7286 and utilize the full-service option. CG Auxiliary members traveling on Coast Guard funded travel orders are required to use the Travel Management Center (CWTSato) for common carrier (i.e., airline reservations) charged to the travel order (TONO) and for rental car reservations charged to a personal credit card. Information on making full-service travel reservations is available on the Traveler Information page at

.Any extensions before or after normal travel days need to be forwarded to your DIRAUX office and approved and amended by them.

DIRAUX authorization of RONs are limited to delay in travel due to weather, missed connections due to late arrival of a flight, and to accommodate travel IAW JFTR U3006). RONs are not authorized for personal convenience. If you need to RON due to flight non-availability, your inability to arrive home by midnight and must travel the following day, inform your DIRAUX office immediately. Use of Central Billed Account (CBA) for purchase of air travel is authorized. Usage of CBA is limited to the guidelines outlined in ALCOAST 717/09