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Instructor Information

Any interested member with BQ or AX status can become an instructor.  Members still in AP status can also be instructors provided they have taken a boating safety class and a waiver is requested by their Flotilla Commander. 

To become qualified as an instructor a member needs to follow a process that can be a bit convoluted.  Start by downloading all of the instructor material from the Instructor Development Site - the Student Work Book and the 3 Appendices.  Save the link to this page as it also has a link to the National Test Site so you can take the exam when you are ready.

Study the Student Work Book and then take the on-line exam.  The exam is open book so refer to the student workbook material for the answers.

Then make arrangements to meet with a currently qualified instructor who will be your mentor through the PQS (Personal Qualification System) process.  Your FSO-MT or FC can assist you in finding a mentor - if they can't help you then contact the SO-MT (use AUXDIRECTORY for contact information.  

Working with the mentor, complete the tasks in Appendix B - the actual PQS.  

You will need to do 2 mentored presentations - the first is a 10 minute one of your choosing - you may elect to do it at a Flotilla or Division meeting or as part of a member training moment.  Your mentor can assist you in finding a venue.

The second presentation is a mentored one hour presentation that can be done at a Public Education class or a member training class.  The lead instructor will work with the instructor-candidate to make sure the presentation is appropriate.  A qualified instructor MUST be present (and will verify that the candidate performed satisfactorily).  The qualified instructor is reported on the 7030 as Lead and the striking instructor-candidate as a trainee with a notation on the 7030 that he or she did the mentored instruction.

When all of these tasks are completed (test, PQS, 10 minute, and 60 minute presentations) the sign off page of Appendix B is scanned and sent to the DSO-PE.