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Auxiliary Uniforms

The Coast Guard Uniform Board #47 and Chief Directorate published an updated Uniform Presentation PPT available at this link here as of 5 JAN 2019. (Please note that the "Ribbon Checker" Link provided on Pg. 90 is no longer functional as of Oct 2021)

The two most common first uniforms that new members obtain after their 90-day introductory period are the Tropical Blue and ODU (Operational Dress Uniform).  Ideally, the new member's mentor or another flotilla member will assist them in obtaining the necessary items.

A guide on where to procure necessary uniform items can be found by clicking this link via the Hdept (PDF).  

District 13 Auxiliarists should contact the SO-MA for access to the lucky bag for donated items that can help complete uniforms and help save on costs!