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Bridge Officers

District 114 Division 6 Flotilla 62
Huntington Harbour

2024 Bridge Officers

John Aden

Olivia Aden
Vice Flotilla

Jerry Myers
Immediate Past
Flotilla Commander 

Bridge Officer Duties

FC - Flotilla Commander:
Provides primary leadership and supervision to the flotilla. The FC is responsible to assure that the overall flotilla program conforms to the Coast Guard and Auxiliary policies and procedures, as well as provide the communications link with Division elected officers.

VFC - Vice Flotilla Commander:
Has the primary responsibility for administration and coordination of the flotilla staff. The VFC is essentially the Chief of Staff for the Flotilla.

IPFC - Immediate Past Flotilla Commander:
Indicates an elected office held by an Auxiliarist who was the last to hold that office for a full term. Elected leaders must have been succeeded in office as a result of a regular election, and must not have been removed from office. An immediate past officer shall retain designation until another immediate past officer is generated by a regular election. If an immediate past officer leaves the office for any reason, the immediate past office remains vacant until the next regular scheduled election.