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Flotilla 6-2 What's New!

Congratulations going out to Mr. Bryan Weiner from D11s Flotilla 06-02 for his 35 years of service to the Coast Guard Auxiliary and to the boating public.

Mr. Weiner joined the Auxiliary in January 1988 and has previously served as a Vice Flotilla Commander, and Flotilla Staff Officer for the offices of Navigation Services, Marine Safety, Operations, Materials and, for several years, as Aviation qualifying as Air Crew, Air co-pilot and Air Observer.

John Aden, Flotilla Commander of 06-02 presented Mr. Weiner with a 1) personal letter thanking him for his service and 2) a certificate honoring his 35 years, both signed by Rear Admiral Andrew Sugimoto, Commander of the Eleventh Coast Guard District.

The presentation was conducted at the Flotilla 06-02 January meeting held on Wednesday, 24 January 2024 at the Huntington Harbour Yacht Club located in Huntington Beach, CA.

Bravo Zulu, Mr. Weiner.




Awards issued to Flotilla 06-02 members

During the 27 April 2022 Flotilla 62 meeting, several members were presented awards for their participation in events that took place over the 2021-2022 years.

Pictured are those present who received the awards. Presenting the awards are Don Nguyen, FC and Tom Oberlin, VFC:

Photo 1 - Jon Ross, ASC (July 4th 2021 Fireworks Patrol Team)
Photo 2 - Jon Ross ASC, Bill Kopenski, FSO-VE and Guy Talbott FSO-SR (2021 HB Airshow)
Photo 3 - Rudy Lopez Jr, VCDR (2021 Tall Ships Maritime Festival)



Flotilla 06-02 First In Person Meeting of the Year


Flotilla 06-02's first In Person meeting in two years was held last night at the Huntington Harbour Yacht Club.  The meeting was both In Person and Virtual giving those unable to physically attend the meeting an opportunity to participate via online.  Special Guest Speaker was BM1 Robert Cook who spoke on the Maritime Safety and Security Team (MSST).

Photo 1 - Flotilla Commander Don Nguyen and Vice Flotilla Commander Tom Oberlin
Photo 2 - BM1 Robert Cook
Photo 3 - (L to R) Jon Ross, ASC Sector LA/LB, BM1 Robert Cook, Don Nguyen
Photo 4 -  (L to R) Jon Ross, ASC Sector LA/LB, BM1 Robert Cook, Don Nguyen

Leadership Past and Present


Flotilla 06-02 Commander Don Nguyen attended the 2022 District Training Conference held in Ventura, CA over the 18-20 March weekend.  While there, he met up with COMO Harry Jacobs (Ret) and his wife Victoria, both retired members of Flotilla 06-02.  

District 11sr

March 18 - 20, 2022
Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach
Ventura, CA 


2022 District Training Conference (DTRAIN)

The first one since 2018, let’s finally get back together for some training, awards and fellowship.

Who: YOU

What: Schedule includes:

-Opening session includes awards and recognition for current members and those who have crossed the bar.

-Training sessions ‘til lunch

-Awards Luncheon

-Training continues

-Commodore’s Banquet with guest speaker from Coast Guard

When: March 18-20, 2022- District meeting on Friday, 18 March. Training, Awards, Recognition and Fellowship morning ‘til night on 19 March. Travel home safely on 20th.

Where: Crowne Plaza, Ventura, CA- make your room reservations TODAY. Rates go up on 2/15 at noon PST

Why: why NOT come join us? It has been way too long since we’ve gotten together!

How: to register Go to There’s a crawler on the front page. Click on the links, get your room set, select the classes that interest you and register for an informative event.

Uniforms: Tropical Blue for all classes and luncheon. Service Dress Blue, Dinner Dress Blue, Blazer or appropriate civilian attire (suit or equivalent).




COMO Harry Jacobs retires after 40 yrs of service

Today, 01 August 2020, marks the end of an era. Commodore Harry Jacobs is officially retired from the Coast Guard Auxiliary after 40 years of exemplary service.

During his 40 year tenure, Jacobs served the Auxiliary in many capacities, especially with his leadership skills. Over the last three years, COMO Jacobs was assigned to 11SR, Division 6, Flotilla 06-02 where he continued to be a vital part of the operations and mentoring. Here is a brief recap of his history.

COMO Jacobs is a former Director, Public Affairs Directorate, of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Jacobs has been a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary since July 1980. He is a former Director, Human Resources Directorate, a former District Commodore, 11th Coast Guard District, Southern Region, a former Division Chief for Recruiting and Retention, and a former Aide to two National Commodores.

A retired Senior Management Analyst II for the City of Los Angeles and a former California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Administrator, he did his Postgraduate work in Educational Administration at the University of Southern California, after earning a Master of Arts Degree in Government and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Studies from California State University, Los Angeles.

A native of Bridgeport, Connecticut, Jacobs is married to the former Victoria Lo Nigro of San Pedro, California, who is a former Department Chief, Personnel, for the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Jacobs has been the guest Speaker at over 400 service clubs, in Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, San Diego and Ventura Counties, since 2004. In addition, Jacobs has been a presenter-panelist at the National Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events [CREATE], which is located on the campus of the University of Southern California.

In addition, Jacobs is active in his community as a Senior Volunteer with the California Highway Patrol, Baldwin Park Area Office, a member of the San Pedro Rotary Club, Temple Beth Ohr of La Mirada, and St. Bruno Catholic Parish, in Whittier.

Commodore Jacobs’ personal awards include: three Auxiliary Commendation Medals with “O” Device, four Auxiliary Achievement Medals and an Auxiliary Commandant Letter of Commendation with “O” Device, the Transportation 9/11 Ribbon, the Marine Safety Training Ribbon, and the Public Affairs Specialist Ribbon.

On Wednesday, 22 July 2020, during the Flotilla 06-02 virtual meeting held on-line, a moment was dedicated to honoring COMO Jacobs with a sendoff of comments and kudos made by all attending personnel. The meeting was recorded and shared with Harry as a keepsake from his fellow Auxiliarists.

Thank you Harry for all of your years of service and friendship. God Speed as you enter the next chapter of your life.




Meet Flotilla 06-02s newest FSO

Alex Benedettini was appointed and sworn in as Flotilla 06-02's FSO-Publications Officer today at the 22 Jan 2020 Meeting held at the Huntington Harbour Yacht Club, Huntington Beach.  The ceremony included the Pledge of Office (Oath) and the presentation of his shoulder boards placed on his uniform by Jon Ross, FSO-MT/NS and Rudy Lopez Jr, FC.   Congratulations Alex.

 Photos by Rudy Lopez Jr, FC 



An FSO Meeting for Flotilla 06-02 met tonight at the Buon Gusto Ristorante in Huntington Beach to discuss the goals for 2020 along with expectations, protocol, mentoring, membership, uniformity and consistency.  As a result, Fellowship became the key ingredient that made it all come together. 

In attendance was Rudy Lopez Jr, FC, John A. Randall, VFC, Gary Bean, FSO-VE/PV, Champ Clark, FSO-OP, Desiree de Liser, FSO-IS, Bill French, SO-MA, James Haas, FSO-MS, Victoria Jacobs, FSO-FN, Dr. Mark Monroe, FSO-DV, Tom Oberlin, FSO-CM, Jon Ross, FSO-MT/NS, Guy Talbott, FSO-SR/MA, and Alex Benedettini.


Flotilla Commander Academy Graduates

Sun, 17 Nov 19   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez

The Flotilla Commander Academy Graduates of 2019.

Members of Leadership from Division 6 attended a two day Flotilla Commander Academy held 16 Nov and 17 Nov 19 at the Newport Beach Harbor Patrol office. The event included presentations from Jon Ross, ASC Sector LA/LB, Joel E. Kaplan, DCDR, and a welcome by Bill Kopenski, DCAPT.  Included in this group is Rudy Lopez Jr, FC (114-06-02 Elect), 2nd from right. 

hoto by Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB.

Coastie Operators Training Class

Sun, 28 Jul 19   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez

Two Members from Div 6 Flotilla 06-02 attended and complete the Coast Guard Auxiliary's Coastie Operators Training Class held at Sector LA/LB on Saturday, 27JUL19.  They are Rudy Lopez Jr, FSO-PB and Bill French.  Also completing the class were Wayne Palmer FC, (06-07), Gordon Tody (06-07), Guy Heaton (06-08), Grant Dixon (6-08), Steve Carter (06-08), Robert Hamming, FC (07-02) and Ulises Sanchez, (04-05).

Photo by Rudy Lopez Jr, FSO-PB 


06-02 Members honored for their accomplishments

Sun, 28 Jul 19   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez

At the Flotilla 06-02 meeting held Wednesday, 24JUL19, several members were honored for completing several accomplishments in training and operations participation.  Flotilla Commander Jerry Myers presented the following personnel with their awards:

  • Victoria Jacobs, FSO-FN
  • Gary Bean, FSO-PV
  • Tom Oberlin, FSO-CM
  • Rudy Lopez Jr, FSO-PB
  • Olivia Aiden, New member
All photos by Rudy Lopez Jr, FSO-PB



Flotilla 62 Member Awards Presentation 26Jun19

Tue, 02 Jul 19   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez

During the Flotilla 06-02 Meeting held on 26Jun19, several members were recognized for their achievements over the past several months.  Presenting each of the awards was Bill Kopenski, DCAPT. 

Those recognized were:

John D. Counts - Auxiliary Annual Performance Award: excess of 210 Marine Safety Operation/Support Hours during 2019 (8th performance award) 
Desiree de Liser - Auxiliary Annual Service Performance Award: excess of 65 Vessel Examinations and/or Program Visits during 2019 (3rd performance award) 
Leslie J. Ross Jr - Coast Guard Sustained Auxiliary Service Award: superior performance of duty for service in excess of 15,102 cumulative hours (11th award) 
Harry Homsher, Dennis Perhsson and Champ Clark - Coast Guard Meritorious Team Commendation in support of the 2018 Great American Air Show. 
Tom Oberlin, Jim Haas, Harry Jacobs, Rudy Lopez Jr, Victoria Jacobs and Champ Clark - awarded the Coast Guard Meritorious Team Commendation in support of the 2018 Los Angeles Fleet Week. 

Congratulations to each of our honorees.

Thu, 25 Apr 19   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez

 Flotilla 06-02 Award Presentations 24 Apr 19

Last night, 24 Apr 19, at the April 2019 Flotilla 06-02 meeting held at the Huntington Harbour Yacht Club, several members were recognized for their recent accomplishments in the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Jerry Myers, FC called each one up and presented them for the following:

Desiree de Liser, FSO-MA: for service in excess of 32 Public Education Hours during the year 2018 (her 3rd performance award); for her successful completion of the AUXFS Annual Sanitation Workshop; and for her superior performance of duty in excess of 6076 cumulative hours (her 8th such award)

Jon Ross, FSO-MT: for his successful completion of the Navigation Rules 95

John A. Randall, VFC: for becoming an Air Crew Member

Congratulations to each of you!

All photos by Rudy Lopez Jr, FSO-PB 

Desiree de Liser, FSO-IS with Jerry Myers, FC


Jon Ross, FSO-MT with Jerry Myers, FC       John A. Randall IV, VFC with Jerry Myers, FC



Wed, 24 Apr 19   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez

Introducing Huntington Beach Radio 2

Coast Guard Auxiliary’s newest Fixed Land Radio Facility

The Coast Guard Auxiliary now has another fixed land radio facility working the area of Huntington Beach. The station, officially recognized as Huntington Beach Radio 2 (HBR2) is a fixed land based station operated principally by Tom Oberlin, FSO-CM (pictured below) from our Flotilla 06-02.

HBR2, located in Huntington Beach, was inspected and deemed operational this year and adds an ever-so-important radio link to our base-to-patrol boats and to the Coast Guard. The benefits of this location also allows communications to reach some areas not easily attainable by Auxiliary Radio Newport due to terrain.

This station now compliments our radio systems capabilities along the southern California coast.

For more information about HBR2, contact Tom Oberlin at

All photos taken by Rudy Lopez Jr, FSO-PB


A moment with the Admiral

Wed, 24 Apr 19   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez

Photo: Admiral Karl L. Schultz and Auxiliarist Jon Ross 

Admiral Schultz had a moment to pose with Sector Coordinator (ASC) Jon Ross at the Chairman's Reception for the Coast Guard Cutter Terrell Horne commissioning at Sector LA-LB on Thursday, 21 Mar 19.  As the ASC, Jon served on the CGC HORNE Commissioning Committee.  Jon also service as Flotilla 06-02's FSO-MT.

Photo provided taken by Bill Kopenski, DCAPT, submitted by ASC Jon Ross, FSO-MT.



Flotilla Commander Appointment Ceremony

Thu, 28 Mar 19   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez

Flotilla 62's Jerry Myers, elected to hold the office of Flotilla Commander for the year 2019, was honored during the ceremonial Installing of the Office Shoulder Boards when ASC Jon Ross, FSO-MT and Champ Clark, FSO-OP placed the shoulder boards representing the office on Jerry Myers during the 27 Mar 19 Flotilla meeting held at the Huntington Harbour Yacht Club.  Congratulations Jerry!

Photo (L to R): ASC Jon Ross, FSO-MT, Jerry Myers, FC and Champ Clark, FSO-OP.

Photo taken by Rudy Lopez Jr, FSO-PB.


Meet our newest members

Thu, 28 Mar 19   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez

During the meeting held 27 Mar 19 at the Huntington Harbour Yacht Club, two new members took the oath and were sworn in as the Coast Guard Auxiliary's newest members.  Joining Flotilla 62's family are Joseph Fiori and Don Nguyen.  Both have completed the basic steps toward membership and have been assigned their ID numbers.  Welcome Joe and Don!

As a side note, Don Nguyen is a Veteran of the U.S. Air Force and will be recognized as the "Military Hero of the Game" at Dodger Stadium in the 2nd inning on Tuesday, 02 Apr 19.

Photo (L to R): ASC Jon Ross, FSO-MT, Joseph Fiori, Don Nguyen and Jerry Myers, FC.

Photo taken by Rudy Lopez Jr, FSO-PB 



On 15 Mar 19, Flotilla 63's Rick Weiss, VFC and Flotilla 62's Bill French and Rudy Lopez Jr, FSO-PB along with "Coastie" met with the children in the Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades of Commonwealth Elementary School located in Fullerton, CA to learn more about boating safety and Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs).  "Coastie" was a hit among the children, parents and school staff in attendance.  A demonstration on the proper wearing of the PFD was conducted using some PFDs loaned out by West Marine, Long Beach (to promote the free PFD loaner program).  Coloring books were handed out to each child after the presentation was completed.  It was a great day!


Coast Guard Auxiliary personnel (L to R) Rudy Lopez Jr, FSO-PB, "Coastie" and Rick Weiss, VFC.  Photo taken by Bill French.  Permission to use the photo granted by Commonwealth Elementary School. 

Trident Device presented to one of our own

Mon, 11 Mar 19   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez

Congratulations going out to James J. Haas, FSO-MS from Division 6, Flotilla 06-02 for being awarded the Trident Device for his completion of the required training over 5 years. James was presented the award in front of Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary personnel during morning Reveille at Sector LA/LB today, 07 Mar 19. Presenting the award was Captain Monica L. Rochester, Coast Guard Sector Los Angeles-Long Beach. Auxiliarist Debbie Haas, wife of James witnessed the presentation along with several members from Division 6.




TCOs tour Sector LA/LB and the Marine Exchange

Fri, 22 Feb 19   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez

A team of our Division 6 TCOs visited two locations on Thursday, 21 FEB 2019 to become more familiar with the Communications Operations of the Coast Guard and that of the Marine Exchange of Southern California.  They were able to see the communications operations as the Coast Guard monitored the activity along the southern California coast line. 

Then later, a stop at the Marine Exchange of Southern California in San Pedro provided the team a first hand look at how the vessel traffic in and outbound of our Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are monitored. 

The team of TCOS were John Olson from Flotilla 5-9,  Chuck Hutchings FC and Mark Hilstad VFC, both from Flotilla 61 and Tom Oberlin, FSO-CM and Rudy Lopez Jr, FSO-PB, both from Flotilla 6-2.

(L to R):  Rudy Lopez Jr FSO-PB, Mark Hilstad VFC,
Chuck Hutchings FC,
Tom Oberlin FSO-CM and John Olson.

(L to R): Chuck Hutchings, FC, Rudy Lopez Jr FSO-PB, Captain Kip Louttit of Marine 
Exchange of So California, Tom Oberin FSO-CM, Mark Histad VFC and John Olson.


Division 6 Meeting 28JAN19

Tue, 29 Jan 19   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez

Tonight, 28JAN19, 11SR Division 6 held its first meeting of the year at the City of Orange Meeting Room facility. The meeting included the taking of the oath for all those holding a Division 6 office for 2019. At the end of the meeting, everyone took a moment to have this group photo taken. The first row is of our Division 6 Staff led by Joel Kaplan, DCDR along with the Flotilla Commanders; the back row is of all the Division Staff Officers present.





Fri, 25 Jan 19   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez

Memorial Service for Fred Sendra, Flotilla 61

Honoring Fred Sendra, Flotilla 61. Members of Division 6 attended the Memorial Service for Fred today, 25JAN19, at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Newport Beach. Rest in Peace Fred. We have the watch from here.

Pictured left to right: Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB; Jon Ross, FSO-MT, Brian Tankersley, VCDR, Joel Kaplan, DCDR, Bill Kopenski, DCAPT 

Photo taken by Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB



Thank you City of Orange

Wed, 23 Jan 19   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez

On 22JAN19, (L to R) Division 6's Brian Tankersley, VDCR, Joel Kaplan, DCDR and Bill Kopenski, DCAPT met with Pam Coleman, Elected City Clerk for the City of Orange a Certificate of Appreciation "in recognition of your ongoing support of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary in Grateful Appreciation for Providing Meeting Facilities".

Division 6 holds their meetings at City Hall every 4th Monday of each month. Thank you City of Orange for providing Division 6 a place we can call home.

Photo taken by Rudy Lopez Jr, SO-PB.




Damaso H "Sarge" Sutis

Thu, 20 Dec 18   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez
It grieves me to report that Damaso H. "Sarge" Sutis of Flotilla 06-02 passed away Wednesday evening, 19DEC18. He was hospitalized on Monday, 17DEC for an undisclosed illness.

Please keep Sarge and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Information on services will be forthcoming as they become available.

"May the Angels provide him with a chariot to his Creator's arms. For a man who celebrated his 17th birthday landing on Iwo Jima, he has earned his place tenfold!" (stated by Gregg Cochran, Flotilla 06-02).

Take a moment to read and reflect (Page 9):…/newslette…/archive/2007-03ComoBulletin.pdf

God Speed my friend.

Photo dated 09DEC18, Flotilla 06-02 Change of Watch, taken by Rudy Lopez Jr, FSO-PB.



A proposal was made during the 23 OCT 18 Flotilla meeting to consider a change of venue for 06-02’s monthly meetings. Several locations were suggested, including one to return to the Huntington Harbour Yacht Club (HHYC) where meetings were once held.

After consulting with Commodore Paul DeGraw of the HHYC, an invitation to have the Flotilla return to the club was offered. It includes a necessary meeting date change to the 4th Wednesday of each month.

The proposal was presented to the membership in attendance at the 27 NOV 18 meeting and put to a vote.  It was unanimously approved with a target date to commence 23 JAN 19. The location change has additional benefits as well. The HHYC offers dinner starting at 5pm, has plenty of parking and dock space for boating members.

The change of venue is currently being processed and more on this will come out soon.



The annual Flotilla 62 Change of Watch Ceremony took place on Sunday, 09 DEC 18 at the Long Beach Yacht Club attended by over 30 people.  The brunch was delicious and the gift exchange was a lot of fun.  The traditional ceremony for the Change of Watch was well done, with each Officer taking the Oath of their office.

This photo is of the 2019 Bridge and Staff Officers for Flotilla 62.


For additional photos of this event, visit the Flotilla 62 Facebook page:


Final Meeting for 2018; members get recognized

Wed, 28 Nov 18   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez

The last meeting of 2018 was held at the SeaGate Yacht Club on Tuesday, 27NOV18 which was well attended.  Traditionally, the last meeting of the year is a casual affair with members dressing in civilian clothes.  Pizza, snacks and beverages were provided during the meeting.  

During the meeting several Flotilla 62 members were recognized and honored.  John A. Randall, FC presented awards to:

  • Guy Talbot, VFC and Dennis Pehrsson were recognized for 15 years of service
  • Gerry Myers, FSO-HR, SR, PE was recognized for completion of Aux 20, 21 and Boating Safety Program
  • Jim Hass FSO-MS was recognized for completion of the Administrative Procedures Course
  • Jon Ross FSO-NS,Thomas Oberlin FSO-CM,  Rudy Lopez Jr FSO-PB and Bill French were honored for completion of the TeleCommunications Operator Course
In addition, Jake Graham was sworn in as Flotilla 62's newest member Coast Guard Auxiliarist.

Congratulations to all. 

            Guy Talbot, VFC                                                          Dennis Pehrsson                     
Gerry Myers,FSO-HR, SR, PE                                          Jim Haas, FSO-MS      

(L to R) Bill French, Jon Ross FSO-NS,
Rudy Lopez Jr FSO-PB, Thomas Oberlin FSO-CM

Jake Graham


Div 6 at the OC Fair Veterans Day Celebration

Wed, 14 Nov 18   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez

On Saturday, 10 Nov 18, members from Division 6 came together to man the PA Booth at the Orange County Fairgrounds for their annual Veterans Day Celebration. It was a very honorable day to share with the many Veterans who visited the event. "Coastie" was again a hit among the children who passed the booth.  Photos by Rudy Lopez Jr, FSO-PB





Division 6: Training aboard the Narwhal

Sun, 11 Nov 18   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez

On Friday, 09 Nov, twenty two members of D11SR Division 6 boarded the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter "Narwhal" for a familiarization cruise along the Orange County coastal waters. Coast Guard Captain Kumar BrunhartMcBratney and his crew demonstrated some quick launch techniques and a Man Overboard rescue along the way. Our thanks to Captain BrunhartMcBratney and his crew for the opportunity to be a part of today's patrol. Photo by Rudy Lopez Jr, FSO-PB (06-02).


         Division 6 and the crew of                      Flotilla 62 preparing to board
             the USCGC Narwhal        

Flotilla 62 Recognition and Achievements

Thu, 25 Oct 18   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez

Flotilla 06-02 members continue rolling on with their commitment to the Auxiliary, training and certifications. At the October Flotilla Meeting held 23 OCT, several members were recognized for doing just that.  (Photos L to R) COMO Harry Jacobs received his 6th Auxiliary Annual Service Performance Award, Henry Hosher was recognized for 15 years of service, Rudy Lopez Jr, FSO-PB for successfully completing the AUX 20 Intro to Auxiliary Public Affairs Course and Bill French for completing his BQ II Modules. Congratulations!  Photos by Rudy Lopez Jr, FSO-PB.



Saluting the Thunderbirds Flyover

Tue, 23 Oct 18   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez

Over the weekend, the Air Force Thunderbirds flew maneuvers over the thousands of people on the beach at the Great Pacific Air Show in Huntington Beach.  Our Division 6 Boat Crew Team was assisting at the event by anchoring in the "fly zone" area.  During one of the flyovers, Henry Homsher (06-02) and James Babcock (06-07) stood at Attention and saluted the pilots and their aircraft.  The moment was captured on film by Ernest Dowdy (06-10 ).  Way to go guys!

A quick video clip also caught Henry Homsher (06-02) saluting another pilot flying over.  To see this, visit our Twitter page at:

Photo by Ernest Dowdy, MT, NS (06-10)



Flotilla 62 at the HB AirShow

Sat, 20 Oct 18   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez

On 19 OCT 18, members of our Flotilla 62, supported by other Division 6 Flotillas, manned the PA Booth at the Great Pacific AirShow held at the Huntington Beach Pier area.  Friday's cast included (Photo 1: L to R) COMO Harry Jacobs (06-02), Bill French (06-02), Wayne Palmer, FC (06-07), Bill Kopenski, FSO-PA (06-02) and Rudy Lopez Jr, FSO-PB (06-02).

During the watch, we were honored to be visited by Lt. Col. Kevin Walsh, Commander and Leader of the Air Force Thunderbirds who stopped by to chat with us before heading out to suit up and fly over us later in the afternoon.  He will be piloting with his team all weekend long.  In this photo (Photo 2: L to R) are Bill French (06-02), Rudy Lopez Jr, FSO-PB (06-02), Lt. Col. Walsh and Bill Kopenski, FSO-PA (06-02). 


Photos by Rudy Lopez Jr, FSO-PB 


Flotilla 62 adds two more TCOs

Wed, 17 Oct 18   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez

Congratulations now going out to Flotilla 62's Rudy Lopez Jr, FSO-PB (foreground) and Bill French (left) for completing the TCO Training Course today at the Radio Station Newport mentored by Flotilla 68's Mark Forster, VFC (background) and a TCO at ARN. This make four Flotilla 62 members who are newly certified TCOs.


 Photo by Rudy Lopez Jr, FSO-PB

Flotilla 62s newest TCOs

Tue, 16 Oct 18   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez

Congratulations going out to Flotilla 62's Jon Ross, FSO-NS and Thomas Oberlin, FSO-CM who completed the 2nd part of the TeleCommunications Operators training held at ARN (Auxiliary Radio Newport). 

Both Jon and Tom represent two of the five Flotilla 62 members who attended the training and are now certified TCOs.


 Pictured are (L to R) Flotilla 06-08's Mark Forster, VFC, TCO and Mentor at ARN
along with Flotilla 06-02's Jon Ross, FSO-NS and Thomas Oberlin, FSO-CM

Photograph by Thomas Oberlin, FSO-CM 



TCO Course attended by Flotilla 62

Sun, 07 Oct 18   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez
Members of Flotilla 62 attended the TeleCommunications Operator Course held at the beautiful Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club in Corona Del Mar on Saturday, 06OCT18.  By the end of this year, our Flotilla will have 5 qualified TCOs ready for action.  Pictured are Flotilla 61's Legendary Gordon West, Flotilla 62's Gerry Myers, Jon Ross, Thomas Oberlin, Rudy Lopez Jr, and Bill French.


Recognition to two of our own

Tue, 25 Sep 18   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez
The monthly Flotilla 62 members meeting was held this evening at the Seagate Yacht Club. During the meeting, we found there are two individuals who are worthy of our congratulations.

Kudos to Flotilla 62's Gerry Myers, FSO-HR, PE, SR (left photo) who was recognized for completing the Recreational Boating Safety Program, and to James (Jim) Haas, FSO-MS for receiving the Membership Service Award for 20 years of dedicated service with the Coast Guard Auxiliary.  Presenting the awards was John A. Randall IV, FC.

In addition, D11sr Flotilla 62 was awarded the Diversity Management 3 Star Award of Excellence. Bravo Zulu!

Photos taken by Rudy Lopez Jr, FSO-PB.


2019 Elected Leadership for Flotilla 62

Tue, 25 Sep 18   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez

Elections were held at today's meeting for Leadership of Flotilla 62 for 2019. Congratulations to Guy Talbott (left), elected Flotilla Commander and to John A. Randall, IV (right), elected to Vice Flotilla Commander. Good luck Gentlemen!


Representing at the LA Boat Show

Thu, 20 Sep 18   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez

Event:   LA Boat Show, Cabrillo Way Marina, San Pedro, CA

Date:     20 Sep 18 

D11 sr Flotilla 06-02's Rudy Lopez Jr, FSO-PB (left in photo) and Flotilla 05-05's Rick Ebel, D11sr DCAPT, LALBS (right in photo) and Don Miller, VFC manned the booth at the Opening Day of the LA Boat Show today representing the Coast Guard Auxiliary and promoting boat safety.  The booth will be manned all weekend by members of both Flotillas. Teamwork!


Photo by Coast Guard Auxiliary Rudy Lopez Jr, FSO-PB 

Bill Kopenski, D11sr DCAPT

Sat, 15 Sep 18   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez
Congratulations are in order for our own Bill Kopenski, FSO-PA.  On 8 Sep 18, Bill was elected to a Senior Leadership position of D11 sr District Captain, or DCAPT, for Divisions 5, 6 and 11. Bravo Zulu!

In the photo flanking Bill are (left) CDR Paige Keenan, U.S. Coast Guard District Eleven Director of Auxiliary and (right) Thomas J. Stoddard, District Commodore – 11th District, Southern Region, U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Photo taken by Coast Guard Auxiliary Anne Evans, Division 6 Vice Division Commander.



Members of Divisions 5 & 6 serve during Fleet Week

Sat, 15 Sep 18   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez

Fleet Week 2018 gave the Coast Guard Auxiliary an opportunity to participate is this event.  On 31 Aug 18, members of Flotilla 62 joined forces with members of Flotillas from Divisions 5 and 6 to represent the Auxiliary to meet and greet the visiting public, talk shop about the Auxiliary and promote Boating Safety.  This took place on the grounds by the Battleship Iowa docked in the LA Harbor. 

Photo taken by Coast Guard Auxiliary Rudy Lopez Jr, FSO-PB,


Meet Who's New in the '62'

Thu, 13 Sep 18   Posted by: Rudolph Lopez

On 28 Aug 18, Flotilla 62 welcomed her newest member to the Auxiliary.  Mr. Bill French was officially sworn in by John A. Randall IV, FC during the monthly Flotilla meeting.  As of this date, Bill has completed all of his Core Training Modules and is awaiting the status change from AP to BQ2.  Welcome Bill!

All photos taken by Coast Guard Auxiliary Rudy Lopez Jr, FSO-PB, 

Bill French Sworn in