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Flotilla 17 History

Before we can give you some history of Flotilla 17 Coast Guard Auxiliary, it helps to get a picture of when the Auxiliary started in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Please check back often, as new content is added to the "Flotilla 17 History."
Sun, 02 Sep 12  

In July 1942, the organization of the Auxiliary into the Temporary Reserve was in full swing and soon Flotilla #11, U.S.C.G. Auxiliary became Flotilla #11, U.S.C.G. Reserve (Temporary) based at Pier 47 San Francisco. Flotilla #11 was furnished two 50-foot patrol boats (50032 & 50061) and two 38-foot picket boats and assigned four Patrol Areas to be covered 24 hours a day every day.  Crews were drawn from a pool of approximately 400 Officers and men, and each crew member served a minimum of one 12 hour watch each week, with six men regularly assigned to each 50 footer and four to each 38 footer per watch. (image courtesy of Bert Simonian)

 historical photo
 In the early 40's Flotilla 11 had 400 members.  Pictured here are only 10% of the membership.(image courtesy of Bert Simonian)

historical photo

historical photo 2

photo 3

newspaper clippings


clippings 2

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