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The CS Team


 The Communications Services Team
Our Duty Assignments 


Flotilla Staff Officer - Communications Services (FSO-CS)

At the Flotilla level, the FSO-CS is responsible for creating and maintaining a flotilla website that is in compliance with Auxiliary web policies. The CS Officer maintains accountability and supervision over electronic communications within the flotilla and serves to encourage electronic communications within their flotilla. The FSO-CS monthly reports to their Division CS officer (SO-CS) and receives feedback and assistance.

Additionally, the FSO-CS will work with the Publications Officer (FSO-PB) to provide timely, relevant, and engaging content for the flotilla website, such as a newsletter and a photo gallery.

It is important that the FSO-CS have a good relationship with the other staff and elected officers. If the staff officers do not send information and updates to the CS officer, we can't get the word out! The FSO-CS officer should be considered an invaluable asset along with the PA and PB officers for communicating between the Auxiliary and the public.


Division Staff Officer - Communications Services (SO-CS)

At the Division level, the SO-CS officer shares very similar duties. The SO-CS will maintain their division's website and work with the FSO-CS officers in their division by receiving reports and giving feedback and assistance as needed. They maintain close communication with flotilla staff officers, collecting reports and providing training to junior CS Officers. In turn, the SO-CS Officers report to the District CS Officer and communicate any needs or concerns they may have related to any items within their purview.


District Staff Officer - Communications Services (DSO-CS) 
Assistant Staff Officer - Communications Services (ADSO-CS)

At the District level, the DSO-CS is responsible for managing the ADSO-CS in the performance of duties from maintaining the district website to assisting the division CS officers as needed. The DSO-CS reports both up and down the Chain of Leadership and Management on all issues relating to the electronic communications of the Auxiliary websites in the district and maintains solid relationships with the other district staff officers to ensure that the information they would like to present to the public is displayed in an efficient, professional manner. Officers at this level also develop training materials and provide classes for CS officers and other members seeking any training on the Internet resources available to the auxiliary. The training that DSO-CS and ADSO-CS provide can be facilitated at events such as the PCA Fair and D-Train, and can also be delivered in a one-on-one setting depending on training needs.