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Vessel Examination Program

VE Decal 2024

Vessel Safety Check Mission Statement

The Vessel Safety Check is a cornerstone of the Coast Guard's Recreational Boating Safety program

  • The mission of this program is to minimize the loss of life, personal injury, property damage and environmental impact associated with the use of recreational boats, through preventive means.
  • The Vessel Safety Check is much more than a compliance-oriented examination.
  • It is an opportunity to help educate boaters through a direct face-to-face boating information exchange.

D11N Vessel Examination Staff

Laurence Boag, DSO-VE
Laurence Boag, DSO-VE
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  • Paul Custance

Job Descriptions

Vessel Examiner Information

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VE Information

  • D11N VE Information
  • Examiner Etiquette
  • How to Perform a VSC on a Personal Water Craft (PWC)
  • How to Perform exam for Vessel Facility/Operational Vessel/PWC Facility OPFAC)
  • Program Visitor Information
  • Forms
  • Awards and Recognition
  • USCG AUXILIARY Uniform Presentation
  • Literature: Vessel Trash Disposal Plan
  • Requirement of the California Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • VSC Review: rev 4-22
  • ANSI Form a7012 rev 4-22
  • National Case Study

VE Qualification

Qualification Requirements

  • Complete the Introduction to Risk Management course . All Vessel Examiners are required to take this course.
  • Review the Workshop VEX(WK-05) VE Workshop pdf file
  • Download the VSC Manual COMDTINST M16796.8A (October 2014)  in addition to the current Errata (changes) 2016 06 13 pdf file
  • Be familiar with the following forms:
    • ANSC-7003
    • ANSC-7008
    • ANSC-7012
    • ANSC-7038
  • Preparation for the exam is available through the following VSC Review
    • 2022 VSC Review (PowerPoint)
    • 2022 Facility Review (PowerPoint)
    • 2022 SUB (Paddle Craft) Review (PowerPoint)
    • VSC Manual Supplement Backfire Flame
    • Adjuster Clarification Diagrams 2022
    • "WEAR IT!" California Campaign (PowerPoint)

  • Unit VE training is most successful, such as District Past Captain's Association Fair (PCA) classes
  • Member Trainer or Instructor may proctor an exam as provided during a VE class,


  • Use the on-line open book Vessel Examiner Course Exam
  • Compete 5 VSCs under the supervision of a qualified examiner
  • Complete and submit a MT-2 Form to report the qualification to Flotilla Commander (FC) for signature and subsequent forwarding to DIRAUX.

Submission Order for Vessel Examiner Trainees:

    1. VE Form submit 7038 with VE and Trainee VSCs (make sure any additional VSCs over the 5 needed are submitted on a separate Form 7038 in the VE's name only).
    2. VE fill out and sign MT-2
    3. VE take signed MT-2 to your FC to be signed (or take it to the next flotilla meeting to be signed).
    4. VE FAX signed original to DIRAUX at 1.510.437.2728 (keep a copy for your records).
    5. No 7038s should be submitted to IS for that trainee until the MT-2 clears and is seen in AUXDATA.
    6. Once the MT-2 is in AUXDATA, the trainee is a certified VE. Congratulate them and encourage them to go for their RBS Device!

    Note: Paddle craft are excluded from a trainee's qualifying (and re-qualifying) VSCs.
    Note: On Form 7038, only non-paddle craft are counted in "Vessel Safety Checks - 91A".


Within 5 years, a re-qualifying examiner needs to perform 2 VSC's with a qualified examiner who receives the credit.

A separate 7038 is to be completed and the MT-2 form is then signed by the examiner, the Flotilla Commander (FC), and then it is either faxed or mailed to the DIRAUX office. In addition, 5 VSC's MUST be performed prior to the end of the calendar year.

After 5 years, retake the test and perform 5 VSC's with a qualified examiner.

VE Workshops for 2024 (October, 2023, Revision)


  • Materials
  • ANSC Master Inventory Listing Dec 2020 (xlsx file)

COVID Information and Forms

To help reduce the potential for infection, the Coast Guard has updated mask guidance so that all Federal employees, onsite contractors, and visitors (including USCG Auxiliary), regardless of vaccination status or level of COVID transmission in your local area, are required to wear a mask when when working or transiting within any indoor space in all DHS workspaces and Federal buildings. This includes all Coast Guard bases (e.g.: Coast Guard Island, TRACEN Petaluma, small boat stations, etc.)

Current mask requirements when outdoors remain in effect when at CG installations.

(Vaccinated individuals are not required to wear a mask outdoors. Unvaccinated individuals are still required to wear a mask on all CG installations at all times.)

  • ANSC Form 7101 Auxiliary COVID-19 High Risk Assessment
  • VSC duty assignment requests (treated on a blanket basis)
  • Auxiliary COVID-19 High Risk Assessment
  • Coast Guard Risk Assessment for Enclosed Space Mass Gatherings
  • D11Aux COVID-19 Reconstitution Phase 3


Vessel Safety Checks are recorded on the ANSC 7038 form and are submitted to the FSO-IS for entering into AUXDATA II.

San Francisco Bay Area and Delta Boating Maps

Organizations That Focus on Recreational Boating Safety

Private Non-Profit Organizations

Topic Link
America's Boating Club United States Power Squadron
BOAT US Boat Owners Association of America
NASBLA The National Association State Boating Laws Administrators
Safer Boating Through Education National Safe Boating Council
Setting Standards for Safe Boating Standards for Safe Boating America Boat and Yacht Council
USCG Safety Alerts and Lessons Learned Safety Alerts and Lessons Learned
USCG Boat Responsibly
USCG Boating Safety Information

State Organizations

Boating California California Department of Boating and Waterways
Boating Nevada Nevada Department of Wildlife
Boating Utah Utah State Parks
Code of Federal Regulations National Archives and Records Administration
Dock Walkers Program California Division of Boating and Waterways
RBOC Recreational Boaters of California

USCG Vessel Examination and Partner Visitations USCG Auxiliary 'V' Department

National Safe Boating Week 2024

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