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District 11NR RESPONSE - Aviation Training

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Welcome and thank you for your interest in the District 11 North Auxiliary Aviation program. We would love to have you join us. We fly mostly regular patrols over the coast, Sacramento River Delta, and Lake Tahoe. We help with search and rescue, transporting Coast Guard crew and helicopter parts, and looking for abandoned vessels, drug smugglers, entangled whales, pollution, and anything else the Coast Guard would like us to do.

The training program is a mixture of self study and one-on-one instruction from a mentor both on the ground and in flight. There are a lot of steps, but none of them are difficult and you will receive a lot of help along the way. Everyone starts as an Observer and then from there you can advance to Aircrew. After becoming an Observer or Aircrew, if you are already an FAA licensed pilot, you can be trained as an Auxiliary Co-Pilot, First Pilot, or Aircraft Commander, depending on your ratings and experience.

To begin your new adventure with us, get in contact with the ADSO-AV Training, Stan Douglas,, (925) 548-1816.

The training materials you will need are here on this website so please download them and begin reading them. To view all training presentations, please login to the Member Zone.

We all look forward to working with you as you become qualified to fly with us!

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