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District 11NR RESPONSE - Surface Operations

Surface Operations

The mission of District 11 North's Auxiliary Operations Division is to:

  • Provide oversight, assistance, and support for surface operations of the Coast Guard Auxiliary;
  • Further the goals of Recreational Boating Safety;
  • Assist the United States Coast Guard and/or local State Boating Agencies when called on.

Wally Smith, DSO-OP
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  • District Operations FORMS
  • High Risk Assessment Form
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  • NACO Guidance: Incident or Mishap Notification
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QE Check Ride Due Dates - D11NR

Schedule Including Qualification and REYR / REWK Status

Requirements Before Requesting A Qualification Examiner

Pre QE Requirements

As of 1 October 2023

Eyes on Drowning Presentation

Eyes on Drowning 101

2021 Surface Operation PCA Presentation

Surface Operations Presentation

Optex and Optrex Events

Requirements before Requesting a QE

Vetting Form 2023

OPEX and OPTREX events are kept on the District Calender

Each Division is to schedule at least one OPEX or OPTREX per year, preferably two. This training opportunity increases qualified members for greater mission strength

Please advice Curtis Han, DCOS, the dates your have chosen so they can be places on the District Calendar. To avoid conflicting dates, check the District Calender.