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District 11NR RESPONSE - Surface MultiTasking

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Every patrol should be a multi-mission patrol. Some missions are constant, some change with specific requests for our attention. This page is primarily intended to identify specific, timely, changing requests you may add to your patrol missions so check this page often. As a refresher it also lists many constant missions to assemble a more complete compilation of all the missions to be included as circumstances permit. 

Specific, timely missions to add to your patrol

• Disaster Activation - we hope to never use this but check here first

• ATON photos to update ANT-SF files (changes weekly)

You should always report a newly damaged ATON you encounter, but weekly during most of the year AUXANT will post an updated list of specific ATONS for which we need current photos. FYI, on a damaged aid, check the light (if there is one) to see if it is vertical. If the piling has been hit and is leaning, but the light is vertical, you may conclude this is old damage and the ANT personnel have already been out to re-set the light to vertical.

• Requests from Area Coordinators in PDF

*SF Bay
*Golden Gate - Wind Surfers [Link]
*Rio Vista [Link]
*Humboldt Bay

Constant Missions

• CG support –regatta and marine event support, training with CG units,
transport duties, requested photo images, etc.

• Appropriate Aux. duties –Safety patrol, SAR, PATON checking, Auxiliary
member training (and practice, practice, practice), etc.

• Recreational Boating Safety –Education, VSC, etc.

• Homeland Security Awareness –Showing the flag, being visible, keeping eyes
and ears open, Maritime Observation Mission (MOM) patrol.

• Other Opportunities –ATON checking, chart updates, reporting pollution or
derelicts, photo ops, photos of deep-draft vessels, facility updates (revise
Deviation and RPM tables, test boat changes), etc.