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District 11NR DIRAUX Staff & Office Hours

CDR Christina Jones (DIRAUX)
Director of Auxiliary

Please maximize the opportunity for your Chain of Leadership to assist you in resolving issues and obtaining materials. With the reduction in staffing, the DIRAUX staff has limited hours available to service the administrative and training needs of over 1,600 Auxiliarists.

Direct calls to DIRAUX from individual members seeking information on status, awards, certifications, etc, are discouraged. Allow your Flotilla and Division leadership time to facilitate matters and get the answers you need.

Please email DIRAUX at to schedule appointments for ID cards.

Please note that ID card photos can now be submitted directly to the DIRAUX email-address for processing. The ID Cards will subsequently be mailed to you or your Flotilla Commander.

You do not have to come to DIRAUX anymore for ID's. We will contact you via email or phone if we need you to come in. You may go home disappointed if you walk in without an appointment.



Director of Auxiliary
CDR Christina Jones (DIRAUX)

(510) 437-3313
Email for DIRAUX Commander


Special Assessments
Como. Mary Kirkwood (DIRAUX)

(510) 437-3313
Email for Como. Kirkwood

Operations Training Officer
CWO2 Thomas Carlos Duenas Perez

 -   DIRAUX Office Manager
 -   Surface Ops Training Program Oversight 
     and Management 
 -   AOMS DIRAUX Privileges 
 -   DIRAUX Funds Manager 
 -   PPE Issuance and Oversight 
 -   Injury / Damage Claims

(510) 437-3315
Email OTO






Auxiliary Affairs Specialist
Tina Perry

 -   New Member Applications
 -   DO Applications 
 -   ALAC Cards 
 -   Change of membership status (death, 
      retirement, transfer, etc) 
 -   AUXDATA Entry 
 -   Fingerprint Technician
 -   Awards and Certification Processing

(510) 437-3317
Email for Ms. Perry






Michael Thomas

-   "C" School Requests and Orders
-   TDY Orders and Processing
-   Travel Claims
-   DIRAUX Procurement
-   Property Management
-   AUXDATA Entry

Email for YN2





DIRAUX Staff Assistants
Wayne and Anita Farnholtz

 -   AUXDATA Input
 -   AUXOPS Test Scoring and Input
 -   Offer-For-Use Input

(510) 437-3590
Email for DIRAUX Office Assistants




Auxilary ID Cards
Sue Fry

 -   ID Card Processing by appointment only

(510) 437-3590
Email for ID Card Processing Assistant


DIRAUX Address

Office of the Directory of Auxiliary
Eleventh Coast Guard District Northern Region (dpa-n)
Building 50-2, Coast Guard Island
Alameda, CA 94501-5100

Phone: (510) 437-3950
Fax: (510) 437-2728

Coast Guard Island, Alameda, CA

DIRAUX Office Hours

Monday and Friday by appointment only from 7:00 am - 2:30 pm
Wednesday (Walk-In Hours from 7:00 am - 2:30 pm
Tuesday and Thursday are Teleworking Days

ID Card processing is by appointment only and can be completed remotely in nearly all cases,
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) issuance and maintenance: By appointment only.
(OTO is frequently on the road)
Fridays are set aside for staff internal functions such as evals., training, etc.
All services on Friday are by appointment only.

Staff Photo Gallery

CDR Christina Jones, USCG
CDR. Christina Jones

CWO2 Thomas Perez
CWO2 Thomas Perez

YN2 Michael Thomas
YN2 Michael Thomas

COMO Mary Kirkwood
COMO. Mary Kirkwood

Mrs. Tina Perry
Mrs. Tina Perry

Wayne & Anita Franholtz
Mr. Wayne and
Mrs. Anita Farnholtz