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District 11NR - Sector Coordinators

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 COMO Connell
Sue Kenney Fry
Sector San Francisco Coordinator
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 Bill Hale
William Edward Hale
Sector Humboldt Coordinator
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The Auxiliary Sector Coordinator (ASC), under the general direction of the Auxiliary District Commodore (DCO), and partnering with the Sector Active Duty Auxiliary Liaison Officer (AUXLO) shall:

1. Serve as the principal representative of the Auxiliary DCO, overseeing the coordination and mission performance of Auxiliary members augmenting within the Sector’s AOR, encompassing the full range of Prevention, Response and Logistics missions in which the Auxiliary participates

2. Serve as the principal USCG Auxiliary spokesperson within the Sector’s AOR and seek opportunities to raise the visibility of the USCG Auxiliary and assure effective Auxiliary communication with the Sector’s Units and Staff

3. Partner with the USCG, and other federal, state, public and private sector stakeholders, under the direction of the Sector Commander and District Commodore, to coordinate Auxiliary activities to ensure an interdependent approach in addressing maritime missions.
4. Work with the District Staff Officer, Incident Management (DSO-IM) to:

• Coordinate and maintain Auxiliary Sector performance and readiness measurements and follow-on actions to ensure the operational readiness of all Auxiliary volunteer units and personnel within the Sector.

• Ensure that the full range of Auxiliary Sector operational and readiness planning is conducted among all Auxiliary components to address contingencies and operational requirements of the Auxiliary in support of the Sector

5. Assist the Sector Commander as requested and authorized in carrying out his or her duties as Sector Commander
It is important to note that ALL communications between Auxiliarists and Staff at Sectors should involve the ASC and Sector AUXLO. This applies to all AUX program areas: Response (vessels, radios), Prevention (Recreational Boating Safety), and Logistics (Mission Support). (An exception is AUXAIR operations - normally working directly with staff at AIRSTAs SF and SAC and do not usually directly involve staff at Sector SF).

With new events or missions where Sector is requesting AUX support for the first time, or where Sector is re-initiating AUX support for an annual legacy event (e.g., Fleet Week), the Sector Staff should communicate the request through the Sector SF AUXLO, who then contacts the ASC.

Depending on the specific needs of the mission, the ASC then contacts either the AUX PACs, AUX District Leadership, or individual skilled Auxiliarists who are appropriately qualified and available to assist - keeping AUXLO informed of support available.

Auxiliarists should not initiate or support new or re-initiate traditional/legacy district or local area events/missions without first involving ASC and AUXLO.

In some cases, Auxiliarists have developed ongoing long term close working relationships with individual Staff at Sectors - either by regularly volunteering on site at Sector, or by regularly assisting off site with Sector requested mission support. In these cases, where a mission has already been established and is ongoing over a period of time, it may be appropriate for Sector Staff to communicate directly with the Auxiliarists who are providing ongoing support. In this situation, these ongoing communications should be copied to ASC and AUXLO for their situational awareness.

Following these procedures accomplishes several goals:

• AUX District Leadership is kept aware of all AUX support to Sectors

• Assuring that proper CG and AUX procedures and policies are being followed

• Assuring that appropriate AUX personnel are assigned to duty in a fair and transparent manner