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District 11NR NS Qualifications

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U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Aids Verifier Requirements 




NS-AV01  AUXILIARY AIDS TO NAVIGATION (ATON) VERIFIER - PERFORMANCE QUALIFICATION STANDARD (PQS) sign off booklet.  Download the AV-PQS Booklet to your computer or print it out. 

NS-AV02  D11 Auxiliary Aids to Navigation (ATON) Verifier (PQS) (New Power Point):  Download this PowerPoint onto your computer to assist you with the needed information for the aid Verifier Performance qualification Standard check off booklet.  The PowerPoint parallels and references all of the National designated training requirements which each new or current aid verifier must complete in order to become a National qualified Auxiliary Aids to Navigation (ATON) Verifier.  Use any qualified and current AV to assist you with this training.  Verifying Officers are available to check you off as you acquire knowledge and skills.

Contact Jim Duncan DSO-NS, to schedule a Verifying Officer

Training Prerequisites

  1.  Completion of the Auxiliary 8-hour TCT Class
  2.  Completion of the ICS tests
    1. ICS 100
    2. ICS 700
  3. Membership status of BQ or AX 
  4. Completion of PQS Workbook (See upper section for download)
  5. Successful completion of unit specific requirements
  6. Verifying Officer recommendation for certification as a USCG Auxiliary Aids Verifier
  7. Documentation sent to DSO-NS for approval and forwarding to DIRAUX for certification

Major Tasks

  1. Auxiliary Aid Verifier - Charts and Nautical Publications
  2. Auxiliary Aid Verifier - US Aids to navigation System
  3. Auxiliary Aid Verifier - Private Aids to navigation (PATON)
  4. Auxiliary Aid Verifier - Aids to Navigation Discrepancies
  5. Auxiliary Aid Verifier - Private Aids to Navigation (PATON) Documentation
  6. Auxiliary Aid Verifier - Bridges
  7. Auxiliary Aid Verifier - Private Aids to navigation (PATON) Certification and Currency Maintenance
  8. Auxiliary Chart Updater - Charts and Nautical Publications