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Public Affairs (PA) assists
in publicizing the missions
accomplishments of
the Coast
 Guard Auxiliary
and the 
Coast Guard.       

 DSO-PA Jane Smith
Jane Dechantel Smith DSO-PA
Douglas John Manifold [Deputy]

     Areas of Responsibility:

    Press Releases/Media Outreach
    Historian/Photo Archives
    Coastie/AUX-Com Vehicle (ACV)
    National Safe Boating Week
    Public Outreach/RBS/Exhibits


   DSO-PA/PQS Jane Smith  Deputy DSO-PA
 Douglas John Manifold
Kit Galvin
 Speaker Bureau
 Bob Shabert
   PA Photographer
Tony Zocchi  Sea Scouts  Steve Johnson
   Social Media


Links to Resources

Public Affairs Photo Publishing Resources

Public Affairs Specialist Training Program

Public Affairs AUX 12 C-School (3 Days)

Public Affairs Style Book / Social Media Guidelines

About "Coastie" / History

Robot to encourage safety

Coastie is a remote controlled “robotic cartoon character” in the form of a Coast Guard tugboat. Two Coastie specialists are utilized in operating and presenting the RBS educational program; a remote control Coastie operator and an educator to interact with the audience. The remote-control operator can make Coastie move, talk, play music and wink its large eyes as well as, activate a search light, sirens and rotating emergency beacon lights. Children are attracted to Coastie as an interactive teaching platform; where educating youth about boating and water safety at an early age is significant in saving lives.

The educator and Coastie operator interacts and entertains effectively in controlled settings, such as K-5 school facilities and community youth centers. The Coastie educational program incorporates audience-participation skits, demonstrations, and safety messages such as “Life Jackets Float - You Don’t”.
Coastie can also be used at more open settings, such as civic festivals and boat shows; while engaging with all ages in ad-lib RBS conversations.

Coastie is a very effective Public Affairs and RBS accident prevention/educational interactive platform. All Coastie operators go through an educational training course and PQS prior to DIRAUX scheduling approval, transporting and operating Coastie at events.

There are four (4) "Coasties" in our District.

To reserve a Coastie for your event, please contact one of the following individuals who coordinate Coastie activities within our District.

The DIRAUX Office has a trailer for Coastie.

This 5x7 trailer is government property and has a government license plate. Everyone that is wanting to tow the trailer with their vehicle must fill out the the Vehicle Facility Offer for Use Form and submit it to DIRAUX for subsequent entry into their record.

The towing vehicle must be able to tow a trailer whose maximum GVWR is 2990 lbs, have a hitch with a 2" ball and an in-line 4 pin light plug.
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Communications Vehicle (ACV)


This Auxiliary Communications Vehicle (ACV) was donated to District 11 North in 2015. The ACV is NOT an RV ... it is a communication / incident command vehicle with an array of features making it ideal for deployment to a variety of incidents.

Members that are interested in training and qualifying as an ACV operator and/or crew, or in scheduling of the vehicle are to contact John Brandenburg, Staff of Materials ADSO-MA, at (925-212-8549).

Auxiliary Communications Vehicle Usage Request Form