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District 11NR Operations Training Officer

CDR Christina Jones (DIRAUX)
Director of Auxiliary

Operations Training Officer (OTO)

Thomas Perez
Chief Warrant Officer (BOSN)

Image of USCG boatswain metal collar device

Boat Crew Resources

Boat Crew Resources (
  • Operational Excellence: members must provide a hard copy of their PLB Monthly Tracking Record, this is an automatic disqualification for Operational Excellence Award if the crew members do not provide a hard copy prior to getting underway.
  • All members who are using inflatable PFDs must upload their MPC Inflatable PQS MD3183 PQS into their record in Aux Data II.
  • Required PLB and PFD PQS are located at the Boat Crew Resources (

Towing Information

Wally Smith with support from COMO's Perata and Ramsey put together an excellent overview on towing.To review and incorporate this presentation into your training, click the following link to download the presentation. Towing Presentation

Rescue and Survival Gear
Maintenance Procedure Cards (MPC), Forms, and
AUXDATA Related Information

The most current information for the Rescue and Survival Systems Maintenance Procedure Cards (MPC) for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) can be found within AUXDATA.

To obtain this information:
  • Login to AUXDATA using this link.
  • After logging into AUXDATA, use the top Menu and then:
    1. Click on "More" to obtain the "More" drop down menu.
    2. Click on "Files" to display the files that are owned by you.
    3. From this screen, use the menu on the right and then:
    4. Click on "Libraries" to obtain the list of libraries that is available to you.
    5. Click on "Rescue and Survival Systems Maintenance Procedure Cards (MPC)" to display the MPC
    6. Select the the MPC you wish to view.

To view the MPC's and other related Information for maintaining your Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), please login into the Member Zone.

Offer for Use Procedures Memorandum

Offer For Use Procedures D11 Northern Region 2020

Trailer / Motor Operations Resources.

ANSC 7065 Vehicle Facility for Offer Jan 2020

Choosing the Correct Trailer Hitch and Ball

Driving Course Template

Standard Spotter Signals

Non Standard Small Boat Trailer

Motor Vehicle TTP

Vehicle Trailer Check List

USCG AUX Trailer Checklist


Here is a link to a great reference, resource, and checklist for best practices pertaining to Safe Trailering Operations.

This document provides good information to ensure safety during trailering operations, and to help prevent mishaps.