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Sending eMail to DIRAUX Rules


DIRAUX's main email address is “`”  This email address is used to send in TDY worksheets, completed orders, and other correspondence with the DIRAUX office.  DIRAUX email is directed to the appropriate person in the office based on the subject line text.

1. In order to improve customer service and accountability, all requests for the normal services must be sent to the following email address: 

2. It's important that you use the following Titling convention in the SUBJECT line:
Member's Name, AUXID#, Requested service
Example: Smith, 1234567, Change in Member Status

3. Requests and photos for ID Cards send information regarding the date of birth height, weight and blood type to: ID Request

Members should submit their picture along with their, flotilla, first and last name when requesting ID service.

4. Please scan and email documents with hard copies to follow whenever possible. Scanning a completion certificate in, for example, allows us to immediately make the AUXDATA II entry and simply file the follow-on hard copy. The exception to this rule would be Travel Claims, which require original signatures and must be sent hard copy.

5. For ongoing matters, once you've been contacted by a member of the DIRAUX staff, you can continue that correspondence chain. The main goal of this system is to give the entire DIRAUX office visibility and oversight on the workload. This process will be ruthlessly enforced by the staff, please modify your procedures at the Flotilla/Division level as necessary to meet these requirements.

6. Here's a breakdown of tasks performed by DIRAUX:
-Process Damage/Injury claims
-Schedule COASTIE
-Process ID Cards
-Draft Travel Orders/Approve Claims
-Class C school requests
-Process Death of Member
-Process Personal Security Packages
-Process Awards and Certificates
-Leadership Library
-Member Transfers
-Membership Status Upgrades
-Qualify Fingerprint Administrators
-Initial Quals/Currency Maintenance
-AUXDATA Entries for ICS/Certs
-Offer for Use approval/acceptance
-PPE/EPIRB issue
-Waiver Requests
-Standing Rules/Minutes review