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Division 41 General Information

Coast Guard Festival Grand Haven Michigan 

From: Division Commander (41)To: Flotilla Commanders and Vice Commanders (41)

Please pass down this opportunity to your flotilla members.  

If you are attending the festival in Grand Haven and would like to volunteer for tour duty, contact the Festival Liaison with the information in the attachment.



Attached is the schedule for ship tours during the Coast Guard Festival this year.  We have 4 ships in port and need extra help.If you have signed upalready, thank you.  It promises to be a Gala Event.

If you haven't (and I don't know why you wouldn't) please consider a 2 hour or more segment on one of the cutters.  It's not hard duty and the weather is going to begreat!Uniform is: ODU, ball cap and boots for tours.  Friday is Trops allday, tours and services.Senior Staff, please circulate throughout the District.

Joe Sedlock

Festival Liason


Ship Tours Schedule Link 


Division Logo Contest

USCG Aux Emblem Chapter.pdf Download

Greetings All!!

WELCOME to the OFFICIAL notice of the Division Crest Contest!

I have done some research on what is required and the dos and don’ts.

I have attached the US Coast Guard Guide to Heraldry section on this topic. This spells out what we can and cannot do. 

So here are the rules and process.
Talk it up with your Flotillas. You can distribute this email to your members. Come up with a design.
All submissions will go to me. I will look them over and make sure they conform to the rules for the Coast Guard.
If they are in error I will send them back for correction and resubmission.

Once all Flotillas have submitted an entry (you have 60 days to submit) the submissions will go to our DCDR, VDCDR and our DCAPT for review. They will vote on a winner.

Since our DCDR and VDCDR are members of Flotillas I ask that when you discuss the design they excuse themselves from the meeting so that they are not biased in the design.

Submit all drawing to me at:

Please state “Division Crest entry” in the subject area and don’t forget to include Flotilla and email address.
You can submit in any format though JPEG is preferred.
This gives you all 2 months to distribute the contest to your Flotilla members and start those creative juices flowing

I will announce the winner at the MAY 27, 2014 meeting.

The winning Flotilla will get $100.00 COLD HAD CASH to use as the Flotilla decides!!

So put those thinking caps on and sharpen those pencils and pens. Get those creative juices flowing!!!

The Best of luck to you all!!!!

OH and I am putting together the Division Newsletter.


Semper Paratus 


Joseph Grandolfo
US Coast Guard Auxillery
Immediate Past Flotilla Commander
Flotilla 95 41-09
Winthrop Harbor, Illinois
Division 41 SO-PB